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By Dan Waters

Welcome to “Outside the NFL.”

Welcome to those of you who eat, sleep and breathe football. Welcome to those of you who can’t seem to function during the NFL’s offseason. Welcome to the football enthusiasts, the aficionados and the fanatics. Heck, welcome to those that accidentally clicked on a wrong link while surfing the web at work.

For those of you who love — scratch that — worship football and simply cannot understand why the NFL didn’t just start with a 17-game season in the first place, this blog is for you. Do you ever wonder what happened to your favorite high school and college stars? What about the player that dazzled in training camp but didn’t make it onto the final roster? Hopefully, this blog will not only answer those questions, but also introduce you to a number of worthy leagues that, unfortunately, remain largely undiscovered.

With its main focus being the United Football League (UFL), the Canadian Football League (CFL), Continental Indoor Football League (CIFL), and Arena Football 2 (af2), this blog will be your up-to-the-minute source for anything and everything related to gridiron gangs other than the NFL.

The players in these leagues are not household names. They do not go out to dinner and get swarmed by autograph-seeking fans. They often have to hold jobs outside of their football careers. These are guys playing for one reason, a reason that seems to have been largely lost in the NFL’s age of $70 million rookie contracts. These guys are simply playing for the love of the game of football. And this blog is for fans that love it just as much.

This blog is meant to keep fans informed of the goings-on in these “other” leagues. It is meant to be a source of information, a point of discussion and a forum for debate.

As with everything that Pro Football Weekly does, any and all comments and questions are not only welcome, they are wholeheartedly encouraged. Like my kindergarten teacher told me, “No question is too dumb.” Let me know what you want to read about. Ideally, this will be “by the people, for the people.”

So turn off that replay of Super Bowl III that’s playing on the NFL Network, grab a chair, and tune in for the latest.

Welcome to “Outside the NFL.”

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