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All that stands between Larry Foote and Detroit ... the Lions?

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Posted May 04, 2009 @ midnight
Updated Oct. 06, 2010 @ 7:26 p.m.
By Eric Edholm

Larry Foote was officially released today, and the long-rumored connection with Foote's hometown Lions now can take place.

But will it?

It makes some sense. The Lions have a need at middle linebacker. Foote needs a team and isn't likely to get a ton of thrilling calls. He's 28 (29 in a month), and what's more: he actually seems to want to play for the Lions.

So why does it feel like the Lions maybe aren't thrilled to add a young thumper, which is what Jim Schwartz said he wanted?

If you get that impression, it's because the Lions didn't want to trade draft picks for Foote, who might only play for a few years in Detroit. The Lions will treasure their picks going forward, just as they did this year. And because Foote was still Steelers property, the Lions couldn't comment on him.

That said, there will be competition for his services. The Colts reportedly tried to send a late-round pick to Pittsburgh next year, but nothing happened. The Cardinals and Browns also might be interested.

But if the Lions can get this guy, and maybe if they can add Kevin Carter, then you're not far from having a semi-respectable unit. Still eons away from being good or dominant, but far better than last year's atrocious defense that set records for futility. 

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