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Childress likely irks Patriots with Harvin comment

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Posted April 30, 2009 @ midnight
Updated Oct. 06, 2010 @ 7:26 p.m.
By Eric Edholm

Bill Belichick and Brad Childress won't be playing 18 at Pebble Beach, or any other course for that matter, anytime soon.

Childress commented this weekend that the Vikings were thrilled to draft Percy Harvin with the 22nd pick, despite his reported positive drug test at the Combine, which would mean one strike against him in the NFL's substance-abuse books. Childress then went on to say that the Patriots appeared set to pick Harvin one choice after the Vikings at No. 23.

Vikings WR Percy HarvinWhether or not the Patriots were going to choose Harvin is unclear, but they did fly him in for a private workout the day before the draft, tell him to keep hush about the trip and also got ownership approval to spend a first-round draft pick on him if they so desired. The fact that the Patriots traded down (twice) from the 23 spot lends some credence to the Childress claim, but it was sure to not make Belichick too giddy for the post-draft claims.

If you remember, the two head coaches have a little history. Belichick called Childress after he found out the Vikings wanted to add Garrett Mills, an H-back whom the Patriots had waived during roster cutdowns two years ago. When Childress said the team wanted Mills, Belichick reportedly implored the coach not to sign him and said there was a Vikings player who had been cut -- David Herron -- whom the Patriots would sign. But if the Vikes had backed off of Mills, the Patriots would not touch Mills.

Childress didn't like that. He not only signed Mills but then went on a local radio show to tell the story of the coaches' conversation. Well, Belichick didn't like the fact that Childress spoke of their presumedly private convo. (Insert whiny noises here.)

So two years later, they reportedly remain icy. And you have to wonder if Childress wasn't egging just a bit when he spoke openly of the Patriots' interest in Harvin. Of course, he did nothing wrong. And talking of other teams' interest in players is not technically afoul of anything, although some coaches will tell you that it's considered a bit gauche to do what Childress did and claim to have inside information about another club.

And my gosh, if there was a leak inside the Patriots' headquarters, can you imagine what His Hoodedness would do to the guy if he found out? I am thinking this followed by this and then this.

In an unrelated story the Patriots announced changes to the scouting staff, including Jay Muraco possibly going to Kansas City. I am not saying, I am just saying: He and Childress did spend a year together with the Eagles in 1999. Hmm ...

OK, all funny stuff aside. What probably tipped the Vikings off was Joel Segal, Harvin's agent, who might have mentioned that there was a certain team picking not too far behind the Vikes that would love Harvin and, ahem, if you want him, you better grab him. Childress must like Segal; he also represents Tarvaris Jackson, who was drafted about two rounds earlier than anyone expected back in 2006.

And now that I have burned a few dozen bridges, I shall rest for the day. 

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