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Posted April 25, 2009 @ midnight
Updated Oct. 06, 2010 @ 7:27 p.m.
By Matt Feminis

—Interesting the Rams opt for Baylor OLT Jason Smith at No. 2. Keep in mind, the team's free-agent acquisitions include fullback Mike Carney and center Jason Brown, additions that signal new head coach Steve Spagnuolo's intention to run the football. On one hand, the selection of Smith is a no-brainer, given the need to find Orlando Pace's long-term replacement. Deeper analysis reveals the decision might not have been as easy as you'd think. The biggest question mark regarding Smith is his ultimate value as a run blocker. The vast majority of his collegiate snaps, Smith was asked to set vertically out of a two-point stance, whereas he'll need to learn how to drive defenders off the ball out of a three-point stance at the pro level. What gives the Rams comfort? Smith's football temperament is outstanding. His nastiness and intelligence should allow him to develop into the well-rounded blind-side stalwart the Rams are envisioning.

-A year ago, LSU DE Tyson Jackson was coming off a disappointing junior season. Today, he was selected No. 3 overall by Kansas City, where he's reunited with collegiate linemate and 2008 first-rounder Glenn Dorsey. It was Jackson's ability to man the five-technique that appealed to the Chiefs new regime headed by Scot Pioli, who was schooled in the "Patriot Way." Ultimately, the Chiefs hope their three down linemen — Dorsey, Jackson and Tambi Hali drive their 3-4 scheme a la Vince Wolfork, Richard Seymour and Ty Warren in New England. Early prediction? Good luck with that. Jackson is a guy who was asked to occupy blocks at LSU and projects as a "dirty work" player at the next level. Does that sound like a No. 3 overall choice?

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