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Jackson to Chiefs? I don't like it

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Updated Oct. 06, 2010 @ 7:27 p.m.
By Matt Sohn

Don’t do it, Scott! If projections hold true and no trade shakes things up, LSU DE Tyson Jackson will be heading to Kansas City at No. 3. Certainly a fine player, but No. 3 good? Not in my estimation, having seen my fair share of LSU games over the years. Jackson’s the classic projection pick, a player who was marginally productive at the collegiate level who has the size and strength and overall athletic ability that make coaches and general managers salivate.

Of course, Jackson’s potential (the scariest word in scouting) is rooted largely in the fact that he’d be switching to defensive end in the Chiefs’ projected 3-4 scheme after playing end in LSU’s 4-3 system in Baton Rouge. Essentially, he’s a project pick playing a foreign position. Not my idea of a safe pick.

Moreover, the Chiefs’ personnel is so ill-equipped to handle the transition to the 3-4 that the defense would be mired in futility regardless of how well Jackson pans out. Undersized DT Glenn Dorsey, Jackson’s former LSU teammate, would be utterly lost for a position in the 3-4. The linebackers, with the exception of Mike Vrabel, are all better suited for an even front.

Sure, Scott Pioli is a smart football man, and smart football men take measured gambles. I just don't think this gamble will pay off.

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