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Covering the draft all the day long ... let's kick it off with a few predictions

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Posted April 25, 2009 @ midnight
Updated Oct. 06, 2010 @ 7:26 p.m.
By Eric Edholm

Updated at 1:14 EST.

Well, folks, in a few hours, I'll be adhered to my desk, writing in this space about one of the strangest days of the sports years. It guarantees to be intriguing theatre, so we'll make the most of it with pithy commentary, scathing reaction and sickly praise -- all jumbled up.

Nolan Nawrocki's final mock draft is up -- and I guarantee it will be among the two or three most accurate all across the world wide web. It is every year. Do yourself a favor in about 12 hours or thereafter and see how many he got right. Then check out the other guys.

And while I won't do a full mock draft, I'll make these random predictions:

  • The Chiefs will take Tyson Jackson, over Aaron Curry, if they can't trade down from three. Scott Pioli doesn't want to go too far down, which nixes a deal with the Redskins.
  • Could the Redskins stick at 13 and get their guy, Mark Sanchez? Maybe. But they might not be able to wait and be patient. It's not their way.
  • The Bills will go defense first at 11.
  • Potential slider? Surprisingly, my Mizzou guy, Jeremy Maclin. Nolan has it right. I looked at the draft layout, and if Oakland passes on Maclin at seven, he could fall past the middle of the first round. Would he get all the way to Minnesota at 22? Boy, they would be doing handstands in Eden Prairie.
  • Detroit will go offense-offense and try to get James Laurinitis at 33. He could be the next Chris Spielman. Or they could deal up from 33 into the back end of the first round, starting at 23, to get their guy. After him, there's a big ILB dropoff.
  • Speaking of the Patriots, owners of the 23rd pick, I believe they will keep three of their first four picks and take a risk or two. Names off the top of my head: Vontae Davis in Round One, Pat White in Round Two. They can afford to gamble on greatness.
  • Unless a great front-seven player is there at 25, I think the Dolphins could deal down a few spots. Robert Ayers might make them think twice if he's there.
  • The Giants will stick at 29 and take a guy who has been in their sights for some time. Yes, he's a wide receiver, and the way I hear it, he's the second-ranked WR on their board. To get him at 29, in their minds, would be highway robbery. Oh, and I see a tight end in Round Two (maybe at 45) -- how about South Carolina's Jared Cook?
  • The Panthers will explore some trade options. After a 12-4 season, the Panthers face surprising pressure to maintain success now. They will look to deal into Round One, but might end up taking the best D-linemen available. Guys they like: Boston College DT Ron Brace and Richmond DE Lawrence Sidbury.
  • The Titans might take a center at 30, foiling the Steelers' plans a bit. I am just not sure which guy -- Eric Wood or Alex Mack -- will go first.
  • The Falcons could take defense with their first three picks.
  • Players who will be taken later than they should: Maclin, RB Knowshon Moreno, LB Clint Sintim.
  • Players who will be overdrafted: NT B.J. Raji, QB Josh Freeman, OT Phil Loadholt. I think Loadholt is this year's Duane Brown, a third-round player who gets taken late in Round One.
It's going to be a fun weekend. Walk the dogs, play with the kids, get in your social time now -- then stay glued to PFW all weekend. We'll make it worth your while here.

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