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What direction are the Bills going in?

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Posted April 20, 2009 @ midnight
Updated Oct. 06, 2010 @ 7:26 p.m.
By Eric Edholm

If you're a Bills fan and you wonder what your team is doing, you're not alone. First, they sign Terrell Owens. Talent upgrade, ticket-seller, or both? Then they decide they have had enough of OLT Jason Peters and ship him to Philly. You don't deal good players when you are trying to get better right away.

Frequent blog reader Steve Pilato -- who always makes sure I consider every angle, and I appreciate that -- brought up this good point on his Bills:

 Consider how vital an offensive tackle is, particularly one who plays Peters’ OLT position. You have to know that when you get a good one, you’re going to have to pay him. There are some other things to consider here as well:

  • Head coach Dick Jauron, while a great guy, is viewed as ineffective and is said to have his job on the line this year. This doesn’t help him at all.
  • Your quarterback is, if you want to be realistic but optimistic at the same time, a 60-40 shot to become a top-notch NFL quarterback. I take a far dimmer view of Edwards, putting the realistic odds at 10-90. But who is going to protect his blind side now?
  • You’ve brought in a proven locker room cancer in Terrell Owens, a guy who won’t hesitate to poison the locker room if he feels he’s not getting enough touches. Since I’ve never seen Peyton Manning, Joe Montana or Tom Brady complete a pass from their backside, I’m going to assume it can’t be done. Without Peters to protect him, where do the Bills think Edwards will be spending the majority of his time?
  • This, Eric, is not the same addition by subtraction the Cowboys used is getting rid of T.O. This is sending a two-pronged message to those paying attention. The first one is that the Bills have a marketing buffoon playing GM, and he doesn’t know what he’s doing. But the second one, which for me personally is far more dire, is that the Bills aren’t even trying to do anything to make this team attractive to local buyers when Mr. Wilson passes on. They are dooming the team’s future in Buffalo and alienating some of the most rabid fans in the NFL in the process. I usually make it a point to trek back to Western New York for at least one, sometimes two Bills games a year. Not this year. I’m taking a one-year sabbatical, and depending upon what happens before next season it could be even longer. It infuriates me, but even more it saddens me. I hate to see what this franchise is being allowed to become.

Excellent work, Steve, in summing up the Bills' situation. I am sure they will miss you up there for a home game this season.

I truthfully don't have a great feel for what kind of team they have up there, but right now I am picking them fourth. That could change after this weekend, but I am not sure how it would. The Jauron-Owens-Russ Brandon-Wilson dynamic will be interesting to say the least.

Have others given up hope? Or do you like the moves they have made -- and have yet to make? 


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