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Scott's path included crossroad

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Updated Oct. 06, 2010 @ 7:27 p.m.
By Matt Feminis

Prior to the 2005 season, Clemson DT Dorrell Scott was on the verge of quitting football. A handful of stressors prompted him to go AWOL from the team and it took a visit from his influential high school coach to coax him out of bed and back into the life of a student-athlete.

Experience wanted
There is a consensus regarding the three best quarterbacks available in this year's draft. Though the order in which they are selected remains to be seen, Georgia's Matthew Stafford, USC's Mark Sanchez and Kansas State's Josh Freeman (all juniors) will be the first three passers off the board. Demand belies concern, however, as all three lack ideal experience — a crucial trait in the minds of evaluators. Further, history does not provide comfort when it comes to drafting junior signalcallers in the first round.

Bengals' Lewis: 'We've got to find a rush, plain and simple.'
The Bengals (4-3) and Browns (3-4) have different defensive philosophies, but their needs are the same: pass rush. Accordingly, an abundance of "hybrid" rushers will appeal to both teams on Draft Day.

First-round DL for Steelers would buck trend
Pass rush is not a problem in Pittsburgh, however, where the Steelers rode a well-oiled 3-4 attack to a Super Bowl victory. Defensive line could be a target area during the draft, though a first-round lineman would be a departure from recent team history. In fact, the Steelers have drafted just one defensive lineman in the first round in the last 20 years.

Bucs looking to plug DT hole
At the other end of the spectrum is the Buccaneers, who have invested five first-round picks on defensive linemen in the last 14 years. The Bucs are still trying to fill the void left by DT Warren Sapp, however, and with new defensive coordinator Jim Bates replacing Monte Kiffin, bulkier players could become the norm

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