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Greetings from Indy!

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Updated Oct. 06, 2010 @ 7:27 p.m.
By Matt Sohn

And we arrive in Indianapolis! It’s now been roughly nine hours since myself and PFW traveling companions Dan Arkush, Mike Wilkening and Dan Parr arrived after a rather painless, three-hour trek Chicago, and as much as I’d love to bombard you with the latest and greatest from the center of the NFL world (for this week, at least), I must admit that thus far, there’s nothing noteworthy to report. Sigh.

So far, my time has been mostly consumed by trying to figure out how this darn Internet-splitter thing works so that Parr and I can both work from our shared hotel room instead of one of us trekking downstairs to the lobby to get online (for the record, we couldn’t figure it out. No, we’re not the most technologically savvy of folks), kicking myself for being an idiot for somehow leaving my tape recorder in Chi-town (hopefully I can pick one up before heading down to the RCA Dome tomorrow morning) and cursing the frigid temperatures. I didn’t exactly expect balmy conditions in Indianapolis in February, but a wind chill of -8 degrees is borderline ridiculous.

Alas, we wolfed down a quality meal at Ram’s, a fine sports bar in downtown. In the next couple days, this city is going to be crawling with all the NFL big wigs — from coaches, to executives, to even some players — but tonight, we pretty much saw the C-list crowd. Saw a couple guys wearing heavy duty Chargers, Giants and Bucs jackets at the dive, and while I can’t tell you if they were offensive quality control coaches or area scouts, I can guarantee you they weren’t Norv Turner, Tom Coughlin and Jon Gruden.

Well, the next four days are certainly going to be pretty busy, so I’m going to call it an early night. Hope you’ll check out the blog and various Combine reports on PFW through the weekend, as we’ll be covering the event from every angle. And if there’s a particular issue you’re particularly curious about, drop a line and I’ll do my best to get you your answer. No promises, except to say I’ll do what I can. Catch you all tomorrow.

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