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Scouting Combine Preview (Part 1 The Cynic)

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And so we embark on that annual trek to Indianapolis’ RCA Dome to partake in the most publicized aspect of the scouting process. Yes, throw away the coaches tape and scouting reports. Throw it all away, because all that stuff these guys did during their college careers, on the field, against other players, teams, offenses and defenses, doesn’t matter. What does matter now is how fast they run in shorts and track shoes.

I’m not concerned with the fact that Andre Woodson seemingly lacks confidence or that he gets sacked once roughly every 14 pass attempts, I want to know how fast he can run a 20-yard shuttle. I want to see him throw a fade pattern, well, against no one in particular.

I love Tashard Choice and would jump on him in the third round, but I want to see how fast he runs a 40-yard dash. I know he lacked breakaway speed when I watched him on tape, but if he runs in the 4.4’s, I’ll disregard everything I’ve watched up until now.

Ah, the gauntlet drill. There’s something I can finally hang my hat on. I mean, what better way to evaluate receivers than to have them streak horizontally across the field and catch passes. It’s flawless. You know, except for the part where two years ago, Marques Colston literally dropped half his passes. It’s a good thing we took that into consideration. I wonder what ever happened to that guy.  

Anyway, there’s just so much useful information at the Combine, I’ll be sure to adjust my draft board accordingly. I mean sure, most of these guys have played three to four years of college ball (except for Texas TE Jermichael Finley – a redshirt sophomore), but that’s not enough for me. I need to see how they perform in a dome, in shorts and a tee shirt, performing the most fundamental drills. I wasn’t sold on Brian Brohm before, but man can he throw a nice spiral.

I wonder if he can also throw the ball 40-yards, from his butt, through the goal post…

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