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Senior Bowl preview

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Keep this in mind…

North Team
1. LB Xavier Adibi (Virginia Tech) – Great athlete. Great in space. Can he learn to take on and shed blockers or his he doomed to get physically overwhelmed and washed out of plays as he did vs. LSU?

2. OT Sam Baker (USC) – Plagued by injuries. Now finally healthy, where does he belong? In that first tier amongst Long, Clady and Otah. Or in that second tier as a player unable to fulfill his potential.

3. WR Adarius Bowman (Oklahoma State) – Big body. Great production. Can he transition in and out of breaks and separate at the next level or does he best fit as an H-back?

4. LB Dan Connor (Penn State) – Great instincts, but is Linebacker U’s all-time leading tackler better than former teammates Paul Posluszny (Buffalo Bills) or even senior SLB Sean Lee?

5. LB Jordan Dizon (Colorado) – Not going to blow away scouts – undersized and won’t time well. Throw on the tape and he makes all the plays. Great nose for the football. 

6. QB Chad Henne (Michigan) –The top tier of this year’s QB crop consists of Boston College’s Matt Ryan and Henne. Can he do enough to sneak into the first round ahead of everyone’s favorites (don’t ask me why) Brian Brohm (Louisville) and Andre Woodson (Kentucky)?

7. QB Joe Flacco (Delaware) – Yes Dr. Evil, Flacco does have a “laser.” After a mediocre week of practice, can he use said “laser” to move into the second or early third round?

8. WR Marcus Smith (New Mexico) – Converted RB has played the position for only two seasons, but he put a hurting on Thorpe Award winner Antoine Cason earlier this season. Must catch the ball more consistently, but knows how to get open and could be a sleeper. Senior Bowl is the perfect time to make a spash. 

9. WR Jordy Nelson (Kansas State) – Can flat out catch the ball. Strong after the catch. A strong showing could make him a second-rounder.

10. DT Sedrick Ellis (USC) – Dominant week of practice. Could he possibly move ahead of Dorsey?

South Team
1. WR Donnie Avery (Houston) – Teams are enamored with his speed. But is he a go-route, one trick pony? I think so. Prove me wrong.

2. QB Colt Brennan (Hawaii) – I know Hawaii has a limited football budget, but couldn’t they at least afford to feed him. Weighed in a 185-pounds. A week of coaching from the mad scientist should only help, but I’m still not a fan.

3. DT Red Bryant (Texas A&M) – Slugged it out with OT Chris Williams (Vanderbilt) earlier in the week. Showed some nasty. At 6-5, 329-pounds, will more than intrigue some teams, and must transfer energy onto the field. Still has character concerns.

4. RB Tashard Choice (Georgia Tech) – Looks to be in great shape. Every team would love to have a Tashard Choice – great attitude, leadership. I’m just not convinced he can be more than a reserve at the next level. Cannot run away.

5. RB Matt Forté (Tulane) – RB crop is loaded at the top with juniors. Forté could emerge as the top senior one year after sustaining a season ending knee injury. Love his game – powerful yet patient runner, surprisingly light on his feet. Has he regained the burst?

6. DE Wallace Gilberry (Alabama) – Ultra productive, but most of his damage came against lesser competition. Struggled to get off blocks against the likes of Chris Brown (Tennessee) – not good. Have to get it done against the big boys to stand a chance of getting drafted.

7. CB Patrick Lee (Auburn) – Has speed to burn. Plays with confidence. Was senior year a flash in the pan or a sign of things to come?

8. DT Dre Moore (Maryland) – Has the tools, but can’t pick his spots. Must play consistently.

9. QB Andre Woodson (Kentucky) – Great size. Phenomenal arm. Poised under pressure. Good kid. I’m just not a fan. Delivery, accuracy, and confidence concern me.

10. TE Brad Cottom (Tennessee) – Injury prone. Reminds me of Frankenstein – and not in a good way. But with Brandon Pettigrew (Oklahoma State) and Cornelius Ingram (Florida) returning to school, could emerge as late rounder with solid showing.

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