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Chris Farley in shoulder pads

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I’m reminded of a classic Saturday Night Live skit, in which Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley vie to become a Chippendales’ exotic dancer. Farley’s “dancing was great” and his “presentation was very sexy,” but the judges could not award him the job, because Farley was " well, fat and flabby."

Therein lies the parallel to Auburn junior DT Pat Sims, who recently filed with the NFL advisory committee to assess his draft grade. Sims doesn’t exactly possess an ideal physique – quite the opposite. Aside from his Farley-like build and Alge Crumpler-like posterior (which is actually an asset), the 6-4, 314-pound Sims would likely lose a race to a stationary bicycle. Scouts may also question his passion for the game, as Sims temporarily quit the team in 2005. At times he also purports the agility of a 90-year old man, can be lethargic defeating the double team and putting forth effort snap-to-snap, and would undoubtedly benefit from a visit to the weight room to improve his overall strength and conditioning.

When motivated, however, Sims is surprisingly quick off the snap, uses his hands well to maneuver around blockers, and features a bull rush and above average swim. He also possesses natural, functional strength and managed to record four tackles for loss against Mississippi State with a broken left hand.

Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville is under the impression that Sims will forgo the draft, as he reportedly received a mid second day grade from the advisory committee. Sims would be wise to return to school and improve upon the aforementioned aspects of his game, for below that flabby surface lies a performer capable of one-day starring in the big show.

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