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New Chargers uniforms

Posted March 15, 2007 @ midnight
Updated Oct. 06, 2010 @ 7:26 p.m.
By Eric Edholm
LT new uniform


Shawne Merriman new uniform

These things look great! It has been a while since I thought new uniforms looked really good, but I like these. OK, so it's not as great as the powder-blue, throwback jerseys, but these will do. I posted these up here for the fan who asked. Don't I (sometimes) deliver?

March Madness thought of the day: OK start to the tournament, but nothing crazy. Just some solid, relatively entertaining hoops. I am not one of those guys who needs 12 upsets each day to be happy — just ODU and Oral Roberts would have been nice for my brackets. Speaking of ORU, what about that Ken Tutt guy? He's good, but all I could think of when they said his name was the old dog food, King Kuts. Remember those commercials? The Egyptian dogs dancing?

Speaking of Egyptian dogs, the Salukis of SIU play tomorrow, and the fine young lady I have been seeing is a graduate. We are watching hoops together for eight hours tomorrow ... fellahs, have I met a keeper, or what? For her sake, let's hope the string of favorites winning keeps up. The two 11-seeds who have played so far — Stanford earlier and GW, down big early — have really looked awful.

Does that mean no 5-12 upsets this year? Check you guys on Monday.

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