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Combine launches Brady Quinn vs. JaMarcus Russell

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Over the next couple months, we'll hear all about the commonalities and differences between the top two QB prospects, Notre Dame's Brady Quinn and LSU's JaMarcus Russell. With them standing head and shoulders above the other passers and all but assuredly going in the top 10 if not higher, you better believe the comparison will be scrutinized. With both stepping to the mic on Saturday, it struck me just how polar opposite the two guys appear to be on the surface.

Quinn is your prototype All-American. Big, strong, confident, good-looking, deft with the media, commands a presence, etc. You could almost feel the media not familiar with Quinn falling for him on the spot. Russell, on the other hand, breaks the mold with his enormous frame and his quiet, laid-back, relatively reticent handling of the press conference. Russell is the guy who has sky-rocketed after a monster season and a huge bowl performance and has a ceiling perhaps unseen at the QB position. On the flip side, Quinn is the one who was more highly regarded before the NCAA season, with the more impressive body of work overall, but doubts about his ability in big games.

Bottom-line observation: If you're a top-five squad looking for a quarterback, it shouldn't be too difficult to choose between Quinn and Russell if your organization is on the same page and knows what it's looking for.

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