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Wisconsin OT Joe Thomas makes big impression

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Updated Oct. 06, 2010 @ 7:27 p.m.
By Dan Arkush

The most interesting collegian on display yesterday? Probably Wisonsin's Joe Thomas fills the bill. Although I didn't hear his whole spiel, he emphatically showed that he wasn't an Ordinary Joe, aggressively scorning comparisons that have been made between him and former first-round bust (second overall) Robert Gallery, who has bombed with the Raiders. Thomas appears to be a very self-assured young man without forcing the issue. Beyond that, nobody was overly noteworthy, but that will change in a big way today with guys like JaMarcus Russell, Calvin Johnson and Adrian Peterson marching to the podium, among others. We also will get to talk to Lovie Smith about his contract situation and new Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt, who no doubt will be asked what he's going to do about trouble magnet Pacman Jones. On the PFW front, all the troops are operating in high gear. Sudafed appears to have worked wonders for Mssrs. Court and Neuby. And tonight we go to St. Elmo's for dinner, our annual highlight. Later, friends. I'm off and running — literally. Gotta get in shape for a busy day.

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