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Dolphins coach media-friendly. Dump Devin Hester for Ted Ginn Jr.?

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Updated Oct. 06, 2010 @ 7:27 p.m.

Well, after the tumultuous exit of former Dolphins head coach Nick Saban, new coach Cam Cameron was gracious and inviting to the media horde that gathered around his press conference, including yours truly. After answering questions regarding the hiring of an offensive coordinator ("I haven't come to that conclusion because I haven't had to come to that conclusion."), Daunte Culpepper ("I looked out of my office, my office looks down on the practice field and there's Daunte Culpepper doing his drills. ... Everything I see is positive.") to finally being asked about Ricky Williams, Cameron laughed. "Do you guys have a list or something? You're hitting everything," he said, before commenting that because Ricky hasn't been reinstated by the league yet, the Dolphins could not speculate on what their stance is on the controversial running back. Cameron was calling media members by name, repeating their questions for all to hear and spent a good 45 minutes to an hour backed against the wall answering more questions after his presser was done. All in all, a good showing for the amiable Cameron.

Lovie Smith was next after Cameron, and joked at the end of his statement that the team had needs at "center, Mike linebacker and punt returner." Most of the media laughed, as we knew that C Olin Kreutz, MLB Brian Urlacher and PR Devin Hester are Pro Bowlers at those respective positions, but one media member didn't get the joke and immediately followed with the question: "Is Ted Ginn Jr. someone you would look at for that punt returner position?" before studiously preparing his pen over the notebook. Lovie hesitated and found a way to talk about Ginn, but it was a pretty funny moment for the rest of us. Lovie talked a bit about his contract...and when I say a bit I mean that the next 20 questions after the Ginn question were about his contract. The short of it: "The management has told me that I am wanted and I have made it clear that I want to be here." Lovie was saved at his presser when Levi Brown went to the other podium, but he wasn't able to escape a good 25 members of the media who followed him into the hallway.

In the end, two good pressers from two of the coaches media members most wanted to talk to. 

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