Lamar Jackson
© Steve Mitchell | 2019 Sep 8
Lamar Jackson © Steve Mitchell | 2019 Sep 8

Lamar Jackson finishing a game with as many incompletions as carries would have been believable last year because he averaged a ridiculous 21 rushes per start.

Jackson ran three times — or two fewer than his total passing touchdowns — Sunday in Miami, where the Ravens hung a 59-spot on the tanking 'Phins with the second-year quarterback completing 85 percent of his 20 passing attempts, at a video-game average of 16.2 yards apiece.

Jackson won't do that, we don't think, in the Ravens' home opener Sunday vs. the Arizona Cardinals. But we also didn't think Patrick Mahomes would build on his 4-TD Week 1 starting debut a year ago by completing more than 82 percent of his passes — including six TDs — a week later in Pittsburgh, either, and he doesn't have an ace in the hole called 4.3 speed that we'll still be seeing soon — and likely often — from Jackson.

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