Over the offseason, thousands of fans voted in our "Team For the Ages" contest to construct the best imaginable 50-man roster from the NFL’s modern era, which began in 1967. The votes have been counted, and we’re unveiling one player each weekday between now and the kickoff of the 2018 NFL season.

Legacy one-liner 

As he enters the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Moss is at least in the discussion for best receiver not named Jerry Rice. Moss’ career had peaks and valleys, and there was a reason he played for five teams. But there never was a wideout with Moss’ size, speed, ball skills and run-after-the-catch ability — almost every corner who faced him at his peak got “Mossed” at one time. His 2007 season with the Patriots (98 catches, 1,493 yards, 23 TDs) will go down as one of the greatest ever.

They said it 

“Playing football with Randy is like playing basketball with Michael Jordan.”

—Former teammate Matthew Hatchette

Key stat 

Moss ended his career second all time with 156 TD catches, fourth in receiving yards (15,292) and 15th in receptions (982).

Did you know?

In 2003, following his worst season to date (the much-disdained “Randy Ratio” experiment by Mike Tice), Moss became only the second receiver in history — after Jerry Rice in 1995 — to play 12 or more games and average more than 100 receiving yards and a touchdown per game. That season gave us one of Moss' signature moments: his end-of-half, over-the-shoulder lateral to Moe Williams for a thrilling TD against the Broncos.

Signature game 

Moss had bigger games later, but his “hello, NFL” moment came as a rookie on Thanksgiving 1998. Three catches, three touchdowns — they spanned 51, 56 and 56 yards. Moss also added a two-point conversion that day for a 20-point performance, and he also drew a 50-yard pass interference. (Four days earlier, he caught 8-153-1 in a win over the Packers.)

Dallas’ Troy Aikman threw for 455 yards and Emmitt Smith scored three TDs, but the Vikings smashed the Cowboys in a revenge game for Moss. After meeting with Jerry Jones and Deion Sanders before the draft, Moss was convinced Dallas would take him eighth overall. Instead, they drafted Greg Ellis.

Years later, Moss still hadn’t forgotten the draft snub.

“Am I still mad at the Cowboys? Man, I always carry a certain chip on my shoulder for the Cowboys,” Moss said in 2010.

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