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One of the best parts of our Team for the Ages is our expert panel. Pro Football Weekly has gathered some of the best known and most respected football experts from across the country to help us put together the best roster of the NFL's modern football era.

We asked three members of our expert panel – Dan Pompei, Bob McGinn and Vic Carucci – all titans of the NFL media industry, three questions about how they put together their own Team for the Ages.

1) What was the easiest decision you made putting together this team?

Dan Pompei, Bleacher Report/The Athletic: There weren’t a lot of easy decisions, but I would say all of my special teams selections clearly stood out above the competition.  Ray Guy easily was the best punter of all time – he’s the only punter in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Adam Vinatieri is the Michael Jordan of kickers – there’s nothing he hasn’t done better than just about everyone else.  No one touches Devin Hester as a return man.  And Steve Tasker was in a class by himself as a special teams coverage man and blocker.

Bob McGinn, bobmcginnfootball.com: Coach ... Belichick all the way.

Vic Carucci, Buffalo News: Tom Brady

2) What was the hardest decision you had to make putting together this team?

Pompei: Leaving off Joe Montana was pretty hard.  It came down to him or Dan Marino in my mind. So it was Super Bowl rings versus passing yards. I chose Marino because I think if they had switched teams, Marino would have had at least as many rings, but I’m not sure Montana would have had as many passing yards.

McGinn: G ... Top two were easy ... picking Little over Upshaw, Grimm and Munchak was terribly difficult.

Vic Carucci: Wide receiver

3) What position do you think will have the most variety among panel members?

Pompei: It’s hard for me to guess what others are thinking, but I would say probably cornerback because there are so many candidates who are worthy, and not a lot to separate many of them. 

McGinn: ILB ... modern space players vs. the old thumpers.

Vic Carucci: Wide receiver

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