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Pro Football Weekly has been the leader in independent talent evaluation and coverage of the NFL college draft for over 50 years now.

We researched, created and published the first-ever independent scouting reports of top college prospects for the NFL draft in 1969, and in 1978 we began publishing the Pro Football Weekly Scouts Notebook, the first-ever book or magazine to focus exclusively on the draft. 40 years later our 2018 Pro Football Weekly NFL Draft Guide is on sale now.

But times have changed. The days when our operations could be completely funded by magazine and book revenue are gone, and in today's digital age, we are able to update our best-of-its-kind draft information daily and deliver it to you on an hourly and even minute-to-minute basis.

So today, we are launching a digital subscription model for our Pro Football Weekly Draft Profiles.

After 31 years as an NFL scout — including nine as the director of college scouting for the Chicago Bears — Greg Gabriel is now our personnel director at Pro Football Weekly, and after spending months compiling our Draft Preview Guide, Greg continues to update his scouting reports and evaluations as new information rolls in on each and every prospect. You won't see this level of accuracy and analysis anywhere else, and you won't get this perspective or the history and deep fountain of knowledge that Greg and our staff draw from anywhere else either.

If you want the best in-depth scouting reports, analysis and information on the NFL draft, you need to get your digital subscription to our Pro Football Weekly Draft Profiles today.

For a 24-hour day-pass to view an unlimited number of reports, we're asking for 99 cents. To get all access, throughout the draft and beyond, your cost is just $5.

We believe our most valuable asset at Pro Football Weekly is you, our readers. To honor that relationship we'd like to make you a special offer.

If you purchase a digital all-access pass for just $5 before the first day of the draft on April 26, and send a copy of your receipt to our digital editor, John Sahly at jsahly@shawmedia.com, we'll welcome you to our private Slack channel for a chat with me and the rest of our PFW staff on Day One of the draft.

Order today for the best coverage of the NFL Draft available anywhere and I'll look forward to visiting with you on draft day.

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