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The first few big dominos have fallen in the quarterback landscape. Things are happening fast.

Shall we catch up?

It appears the Minnesota Vikings are locked in on Kirk Cousins. The Denver Broncos saw this coming and agreed with Case Keenum before that. The Arizona Cardinals even found an expensive Band-Aid in Sam Bradford.

And now comes news via multiple report that the New York Jets — having missed out on Cousins and others — are pivoting to Teddy Bridgewater and likely will get something done with him soon. Apparently that still should happen even with the Jets bringing back Josh McCown on a one-year deal.

Now that doesn't mean that every starting QB job has been filled. Nor does it mean that any unsigned quarterback should feel completely left out in the cold.

But it is fascinating to see one name left in the lurch for now. It wasn't that long ago that the Cleveland Browns were one sent email away from sending second- and third-round picks to the Cincinnati Bengals for A.J. McCarron.

But now that's dead with the Browns trading a high third for Tyrod Taylor. (Which should tell you everything you need to know about Hue Jackson's hot seat — McCarron was his guy and Taylor isn't.)

Could the Buffalo Bills kick the tires on McCarron? It's possible, yeah. But have you seen the way they're loading up on draft picks and position? It's all but certain they're moving up in the draft to take a QB very, very high. And if McCarron or any other bridge option they sign doesn't win early on, you know what fans will be clamoring for.

Some say McCarron isn't that good, and it's a perfectly reasonable stance. After all, even with a relatively good stretch in the 2015 season in replacing an injured Andy Dalton, he's barely done anything in the league. It's a projection.

And it's not like Bridgewater is on firm standing coming off a career-altering knee injury, having to compete with McCown and perhaps a rookie as well. You have to figure the Jets are going to be in the QB draft market still.

But McCarron seemed to have some buzz before free agency started. Not so much now. How much as changed — not just in five months but in the past five or so days.