It's time to hang up the shmedium stripes apparently.

Ed Hochuli — everyone's favorite yoked-up NFL referee in tight clothing — is retiring from the league, according to NFL senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron on Twitter. Riveron also announced the official retirement of Jeff Triplette, which had been reported previously, and the promotion of former back judge Shawn Hochul — Ed's son — and former side judge Alex Kemp into those head ref slots.

The 67-year-old Hochuli has been as recognizable a referee as there has been in the league the past few decades. He's known for his tight-fitting stripes (showing off his impressive physique for a man of any age), his long-winded explanations of penalties during games (more air time to show off his muscles) and the fact that he's a lawyer.

Hochuli, who is believed to have officiated the most NFL games (306) since 1999, had been the league's longest-tenured refereee for more than a decade following the 2007 retirements of Gerald Austin and Larry Nemmers.

Triplette will walk away one of the more infamous referees in the league. He first gained notoriety for throwing a flag that injured the eye of Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Orlando Brown in 1999 and since has been criticized for some controversal calls that he and his crew made over the years.

Shawn Hochuli started as a side judge in 2014 and moved to back judge the past three NFL seasons. Kemp joined the NFL the same year and moved from field judge to side judge in 2015. Both men were selected to playoff crews the past few seasons.

Ed Hochuli's final NFL game was the NFC championship contest between the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings. Triplette worked the Tennessee Titans-Kansas City Chiefs wildcard game in his final call.