Pro Football Weekly editors Jon Styf and Kyle Nabors debate who will win Most Valuable Player at Super Bowl LII.

Nabors: One of the more entertaining aspects of the Super Bowl each year is arguing who should win the game's MVP. It usually starts in the third quarter with your friend taking the easy route and picking the winning team's quarterback. But that's no fun, Jon, so please tell me someone besides Tom Brady is going to take home the honor this Sunday.

Styf: I was hoping to rip on you for telling me how it was going to be Brady. It would be fun to see it be LeGarrette Blount, but I just don't see that happening. Twelve of the last 19 winners of the award were QBs, by the way, with three being wide receivers, three being linebackers and one a safety. That's my favorite of the bunch, by the way, Dexter Jackson. But I'm going with Danny Amendola. He's a guy who can find a way to get open and make plays when the focus is on more physically talented players like Rob Gronkowski and Brandin Cooks.

Nabors: Now all I can picture is Blount rumbling down the sideline for the game-winning touchdown against his former team. That would be too much fun. But I think you're right. This Eagles' defense is really tough across the board. It's going to take a versatile player to beat Philly, and that's why the MVP will be James White. We've seen him get more involved in the offense down the stretch, just like last year. Hopefully this time around he won't get snubbed again after scoring three touchdowns in the Super Bowl.

Styf: What we both said there was that the Patriots are going to win. Now, if we're living in a world where the Patriots don't win, who would you take?

Nabors: A world where the Patriots don't win? That's a good one. You really had me going there. But OK, I'm trying to picture a scenario in which the Patriots aren't hoisting the Lombardi Trophy again. I hate to default to the quarterback, but it would have to be Nick Foles, right? Bill Belichick isn't going to allow Blount and Jay Ajayi to beat him on the ground.

Styf: The answer I was looking for was Alshon Jeffery. Because this always comes back to the Bears and their decisions being exposed.

Nabors: It's not difficult to find reasons to take shots at Ryan Pace and the Bears' front office, but letting Jeffery walk isn't one of them. The guy was struggling to stay on the field in Chicago and was pretty transparent about his desire to go elsewhere. Sure, he could win the Super Bowl MVP this weekend. He also had only 57 receptions during the regular season and broke 100 receiving yards in zero games.

Styf: Look at you with your facts and figures to back up your argument. I just hope I get to hear someone, anyone, call him Alshon Jefferies on Sunday.

Nabors: That sounds like a fantastic prop bet. Speaking of Vegas, Brady is -125 for MVP. Your Amendola pick at +1800 is looking pretty sharp. Now, can I borrow some money?