In the afterglow of an 18-point second-half comeback over the Chiefs on Saturday to earn the franchise's first playoff win since 2003, Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk said Mike Mularkey will be the team's head coach "moving forward."

“Our mantra all season has been to take things week by week and not get ahead of ourselves and it obviously has served us well," Adams Strunk said in a statement via the team's website. "I regret that outside rumors gained a life of their own. No one has been a bigger supporter of Mike Mularkey than I have over the last two plus seasons. Mike and Jon have changed the culture of our team and organization and I am so happy we have been able to bring success on the field to our fans - winning 19 games over the last two seasons, including our first playoff win in nine years. Just to eliminate any distractions moving forward, Mike Mularkey is our head coach and will be our head coach moving forward. We still have work to be done, including this week, but I am looking forward to the journey.”

Reports trickled out just hours before the Titans rallied from a 21-3 halftime deficit to stun the Chiefs at Arrowhead that Mularkey could be fired if Tennessee didn't make a successful postseason run. Although things can obviously change, and the statement doesn't mention GM Jon Robinson, who inherited Mularkey last year, as the head coach's biggest fan, and likely uses the term "moving forward" as a way to remain vague, it appears at least one playoff win following Mularkey's second consecutive 9-7 season will be enough for the coach to return in 2018.