Pro Football Weekly contributors Jon Styf and Kyle Nabors debate which team is the favorite to win the AFC South.

Nabors: Well, so much for Houston's resurgence with Deshaun Watson lost for the season after suffering a torn ACL. The Texans followed that news up with a home loss to the lowly Colts. It's tough to envision the Texans getting back in the AFC South race, so who is now the favorite to win the division?

Styf: I think you want me to say the Jaguars are good here. You said it yourself earlier in the year and now they're 5-3 with the Chargers, Browns and Cardinals coming up. That sets up well. But I still like the Titans better, especially with top pick Corey Davis back. The evidence isn't necessarily there after back-to-back close wins over lowly Cleveland and Baltimore, but I have more faith in Tennessee than Jacksonville at this point.

Nabors: Your first notion was correct. I was a fan of the Jaguars early, and I'm a fan of them now. The Titans have been too inconsistent on offense for my taste, and the defense has been leaky at best. I'll take Jacksonville's running game behind Leonard Fournette (assuming he doesn't get suspended again) and a strong defense to win the division. What could possibly go wrong?

Styf: I don't think there's much other option here. It's a two-horse race and Indianapolis/Houston have little shot at getting back into it, despite being 2 and 2.5 games back. You do know they played head to head, right? And Tennessee disposed of them 37-16. They meet again in Week 17 on New Year's Eve in Nashville, if things are still undecided then.

Nabors: That first meeting was also 6-3 at halftime, and then Blake Bortles decided to keep giving the ball away in the second half. I fully understand that Bortles is bad, but it would be tough for him to play that poorly in the rematch. I'm just not sure what to make of the Titans. Are they closer to the team that beat Seattle early in the season or the team that failed to score a touchdown and needed overtime to beat the Browns a few weeks ago?

Styf: Good thing the second half of games does count. And a win is a win, is a win, is a win. They all count the same. Jacksonville has the better defense, I'll give you that. But the Titans can put up points. Also, I like Derrick Henry. Not sure that matters, but I needed to say it.

Nabors: I'll like Henry when he gets on the field for more than 30 percent of the snaps. But it sounds like we're set. I'll take the Jaguars. You'll take the Titans. And we'll both wish Watson was still playing.