Stem Cell Institute of America offers free educational seminars, alternatives to surgery

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Arthritis, neuropathy, and degenerative bone disease are painful afflictions that are typically treated with painkillers, physical therapy, or surgery.  The benefits of these attempts to minimize pain and increase joint mobility are often temporary, but the only other options, until recently, have been joint replacement surgery or living with chronic pain and disability.

Fortunately, stem cell therapy has evolved to the point that it can replace surgery and reduce or eliminate joint pain.  This regenerative therapy uses your own body’s ability to repair itself naturally.  Stem cells are injected into the affected area, helping your body regenerate cartilage, ligaments, joint fluid, tissues, nerves and muscle.

Dr. Jill Howe became interested in stem cell therapy because of an ankle surgery she experienced.  “It included the regenerative therapy and I have had amazing success with it, with no lingering pain or joint issues for the last five years since the treatment” she said.  “I joined the Stem Cell Institute of America so I could educate others about this cutting edge therapy that provides remarkable results.”

The Stem Cell Institute is made up of over 150 doctors who volunteer their time to educate people in their communities about the benefits of stem cell therapy and other related advanced procedures.  “We offer monthly seminars to teach people what their options are,” said Dr. Howe.  “Stem cell therapy can often take the place of joint replacement surgery, and can reduce or eliminate pain and joint issues in many areas of the body.  We’ve had major success with these procedures.”

Dr. Howe uses amniotic stem cells from the American Association of Tissue Banks, where women undergoing C-sections donate their placentas, which would normally be thrown away, after the delivery.  Strict criteria must be met, and the baby must be healthy, in order for the placenta to be donated.  The procedures are safe, effective, and life-changing.

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