Super Bowl XLVII early-week PFW staff selections

Posted Jan. 21, 2013 @ 3:50 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff


"PFW" refers to the staff consensus pick. HOME TEAM IN CAPS. Asterisk (*) denotes team will cover pointspread but lose game. Boldface (#) selections indicate best bets.

San Francisco -5 vs. Baltimore
San Francisco: Hub, Keith, Dan A, Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Baltimore: Mike H*, Eric, Mike W, Dan P*


Last week vs. spread
Hub(1-1), Keith(2-0), Mike H(2-0), Dan A(2-0), Eric(2-0), Mike W(1-1), Dan P(1-1), Kevin(2-0), Arthur(2-0), PFW(2-0)

Season to date vs. spread
Hub(122-136-8), Keith(118-140-8), Mike H(129-129-8), Dan A(124-134-8), Eric(127-131-8), Mike W(137-121-8), Dan P(126-132-8), Kevin(142-116-8), Arthur(126-132-8), PFW(129-129-8)

Season to date best bets
Hub(22-28-1), Keith(23-26-2), Mike H(25-25-1), Dan A(17-32-2), Eric(23-28), Mike W(26-22-3), Dan P(24-25-2), Kevin(22-27-2), Arthur(16-33-2), PFW(33-33-2)

Last week straight-up
Hub(1-1), Keith(1-1), Mike H(1-1), Dan A(1-1), Eric(1-1), Mike W(1-1), Dan P(1-1), Kevin(1-1), Arthur(1-1), PFW(1-1)

Season to date straight-up
Hub(172-93-1), Keith(158-107-1), Mike H(174-91-1), Dan A(170-95-1), Eric(168-97-1), Mike W(174-91-1), Dan P(165-100-1), Kevin(179-86-1), Arthur(163-102-1), PFW(163-102-1)