Texans won't rule out drafting QB

Posted Jan. 16, 2013 @ 2:53 p.m.
Posted By Arthur Arkush

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak continues to say both publicly and privately he believes in maligned QB Matt Schaub.

That doesn’t mean the Texans wouldn’t consider drafting a QB in April.

“Well, we always look at everything,” Kubiak said in his season-ending press conference on Monday.

Our sources wouldn’t rule out the possibility, pointing to the situations of the 49ers and Seahawks, neither of whom felt they needed a starter when they selected Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson in the second and third rounds, respectively, the past two years.

We hear the Texans would love to have a mobile QB like one of the two aforementioned rising stars.

Steve Young won a Super Bowl in this offense,” noted a daily team observer. “John Elway was a really good runner. Jake Plummer was a really good runner. When you’re running a bootleg, there is only one guy there to stop the QB. A mobile QB is great for the system.”

The source quickly added that people tend to forget guys like Tom Brady and Joe Flacco have still had a ton of success without much mobility.

Kubiak is an equal opportunity QB developer. But he always likes having one with whom he can try and grow. He has only drafted two QBs during his seven-year tenure (T.J. Yates in the fifth round in 2011 and Alex Brink in the seventh round in 2008).

The way we hear it, Yates, who did yeoman’s work a season ago with Schaub sidelined, isn’t considered the long-term answer.

“Nobody here believes Yates is the guy — and he didn’t play well in mop-up duty or in the preseason,” the source said. “He isn’t the guy. They aren’t blown away — they don’t say that, but they don’t really talk him up, either — he’s kind of just there.”

Schaub will be 32 by the time training camp begins. The Texans wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger if there was something they really liked, we hear.

One thing is certain: Kubiak will do his due diligence, not only in the draft but exhausting all resources possible when it comes to evaluating potential QBs for the Texans.

Our sources feel certain Schaub, who is guaranteed $7.25 million in 2013, will be back in Houston next season. They say Schaub will be the starting QB if he’s healthy.

But the situations in San Francisco and Seattle this season have certainly proven that nothing is completely guaranteed.

“Matt Schaub is definitely the starting QB,” the source said. “But so was Alex Smith. So was Matt Flynn …”