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Insider: Rodgers not great when it comes to comebacks

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By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity:

• “Tiger Woods has never won a major from behind. He is a great closer when he has the lead going into the fourth day. There are four rounds in golf. There are four quarters in football. When (Packers QB) Aaron Rodgers goes into the fourth quarter with a lead, there is a high percentage he is going to win. The odds go down a lot when he is behind. When you compare him to other great QBs, that inability stands out to me. I don’t know the specific stats — it’s just from watching him through the years. He’s just not a great fourth-quarter, come-from-behind quarterback. I don’t think he has figured out how to close out a game.”

• “Too many owners don’t understand that evaluating talent is just as important as hiring a good coach. I don’t think they get that. It just makes it easier for (the teams that have it figured out) to win.”

• “(Browns CEO) Joe Banner is cleaning house as soon as the season ends. He’s not going to waste much time. He’s been researching this thing for some time. They are going to move fast to get their guys.”

• “Take a look at some of the quarterbacks in this league who cannot bring the team together — that’s always been Joe Flacco’s problem. He’s incapable. That was his problem in college, too — it’s part of the reason he transferred. He couldn’t win the respect of the team. Flacco can’t do it, so the Ravens have to rely on Ed Reed and Ray Lewis to lead it. That’s not to say he cannot win, but when you’re talking about him as your franchise, that is a big discussion point to me.”

• “The Jets are doing the right thing (at quarterback). If you are out of the playoffs, you better be using the last two or three weeks to figure out what you have. It’s the time to find out if your young guys can play.”

• “Charlie Weis is a name to keep an eye on. He had to go down to the college level to get a chance at a head job. … He’s a great offensive mind. He understands personnel. Look at what he did at Notre Dame. They are playing for a national championship right now with players he recruited. I could see him getting looks for a few (NFL head-coaching jobs)."

• “(Vikings WR) Percy Harvin is a genetic freak. The guy doesn’t have to work out or train — he’s just a gifted athlete.”

• “I don’t think (Texans QB) Matt Schaub is good enough of a leader to win a Super Bowl. It’s just one of those traits that you need to have — it’s missing. When the chips are down and you need to rally the team, is he the guy you want in the saddle?”

• “(Bears assistant coach) Mike Tice is way in over his head as a coordinator. (Special-teams coordinator) Dave Toub thinks he is going to be a head coach, but he killed Devin Hester’s confidence. The Bears’ roster is old. They have not drafted well. They have a lot of holes to fix.”

• “(Bengals RB) BenJarvus Green-Ellis is a fourth-quarter back. He’s the guy you want carrying the ball late in the season. He’s a workhorse. There’s no doubt New England feels the effects of not having him right now.”

• “(Rams rookie CB) Janoris Jenkins is immature and he’ll always require some maintenance — you have to stay on him. But he’s a playmaker. He’s the most impressive rookie corner I’ve seen this year.”

• “How about (Panthers DE) Greg Hardy? There’s a guy that if you remember when he was coming out, he had first-round athletic traits. He was just all over the place. It was one of the most bizarre interviews I think I’ve ever done. Look at him now. He’s playing like a Pro Bowler. You don’t need to be a choir boy to play this game.”

• “Bill Belichick had Peyton Manning mixed up for a few years when (Manning) was in Indianapolis. Once Peyton figured out how they were attacking him, he took control of that series. … (The Broncos) are a dangerous team right now.”

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