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Week 16 early-week PFW staff selections

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Posted Dec. 18, 2012 @ 5:05 p.m. ET
By PFW staff


CAROLINA -8½  vs. Oakland

New England -14 vs. JACKSONVILLE

HOUSTON -7½  vs. Minnesota

San Francisco E vs. SEATTLE (40) OVER

LAST WEEK: 1-3 / SEASON: 30-28-2



"PFW" refers to the staff consensus pick. HOME TEAM IN CAPS. Asterisk (*) denotes team will cover pointspread but lose game. Boldface (#) selections indicate best bets.

Saturday night
Atlanta -3½ vs. DETROIT (51)
Atlanta: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Eric, Mike W, Dan P, Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Detroit: Dan A*

GREEN BAY -11½ vs. Tennessee (47)
Green Bay: Hub, Mike H, Dan A, Eric, Mike W, Dan P(#), Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Tennessee: Keith*

CAROLINA -8½ vs. Oakland (46)
Carolina: Hub, Keith, Mike H(#), Dan A(#), Eric, Mike W, Dan P, Kevin, PFW(#)
Oakland: Arthur*

MIAMI -4½ vs. Buffalo (41½)
Miami: Hub, Keith, Mike H(#), Dan A, Eric(#), Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Buffalo: Mike W, Dan P*

PITTSBURGH -4½ vs. Cincinnati (43½)
Pittsburgh: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Dan A, Kevin(#), Arthur(#), PFW
Cincinnati: Eric*, Mike W, Dan P*

New England -14 vs. JACKSONVILLE (49)
New England: Hub(#), Keith, Mike H, Dan A, Eric(#), Dan P(#), Kevin, Arthur(#), PFW(#)
Jacksonville: Mike W*

Indianapolis -6 vs. KANSAS CITY (41½)
Indianapolis: Hub, Mike H, Dan A, Eric(#), Dan P(#), Arthur, PFW
Kansas City: Keith*, Mike W*, Kevin*

DALLAS -3 vs. New Orleans (51½)
Dallas: Keith, Dan A, Kevin
New Orleans: Hub, Mike H, Eric, Mike W, Dan P*, Arthur, PFW

Washington -4½ vs. PHILADELPHIA
Washington: Keith(#), Mike H, Eric, Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Philadelphia: Hub*, Dan A*, Mike W*, Dan P*

TAMPA BAY -3 vs. St. Louis (44)
Tampa Bay: Keith, Dan A
St. Louis: Hub, Mike H, Eric, Mike W, Dan P*, Kevin*, Arthur*, PFW*

N.Y. Giants -2 vs. BALTIMORE (47½)
N.Y. Giants: Hub, Mike H(#), Eric, Dan P, Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Baltimore: Keith, Dan A, Mike W(#)

HOUSTON -7½  vs. Minnesota (43½)
Houston: Hub(#), Keith(#), Mike H, Kevin(#), Arthur(#), PFW(#)
Minnesota: Dan A*, Eric*, Mike W*, Dan P*

DENVER -13 vs. Cleveland (44½)
Denver: Hub, Keith, Kevin, Arthur
Cleveland: Mike H*, Dan A*(#), Eric*, Mike W*, Dan P*, PFW*

Chicago -5½ vs. ARIZONA (36)
Chicago: Keith(#), Mike H, Eric, Mike W(#), Arthur, PFW
Arizona: Hub*, Dan A*(#), Dan P*, Kevin*(#)

N.Y. JETS -3 vs. San Diego (41)
N.Y. Jets: Keith, Dan A, Eric, Dan P, Kevin, Arthur, PFW
San Diego: Hub, Mike H, Mike W

Sunday night
SEATTLE E vs. San Francisco (40)
Seattle: Keith, Eric, Kevin
San Francisco: Hub(#), Mike H, Dan A, Mike W(#), Dan P, Arthur, PFW


Last week vs. spread
Hub(7-9), Keith(8-8), Mike H(10-6), Dan A(5-11), Eric(8-8), Mike W(8-8), Dan P(11-5), Kevin(9-7), Arthur(9-7), PFW(8-8)

Season to date vs. spread
Hub(99-118-7), Keith(100-117-7), Mike H(109-108-7), Dan A(103-114-7), Eric(106-111-7), Mike W(116-101-7), Dan P(111-106-7), Kevin(125-92-7), Arthur(108-109-7), PFW(109-108-7)

Last week best bets
Hub(2-1), Keith(2-1), Mike H(2-1), Dan A(0-3), Eric(1-2), Mike W(2-1), Dan P(2-1), Kevin(3-0), Arthur(0-3), PFW(1-3)

Season to date best bets
Hub(22-22-1), Keith(21-22-2), Mike H(22-22-1), Dan A(14-29-2), Eric(20-25), Mike W(23-19-3), Dan P(22-21-2), Kevin(22-21-2), Arthur(16-27-2), PFW(30-28-2)

Last week straight-up
Hub(7-9), Keith(8-8), Mike H(10-6), Dan A(7-9), Eric(9-7), Mike W(9-7), Dan P(10-6), Kevin(9-7), Arthur(10-6), PFW(8-8)

Season to date straight-up
Hub(141-82-1), Keith(129-94-1), Mike H(146-77-1), Dan A(140-83-1), Eric(138-85-1), Mike W(145-78-1), Dan P(138-85-1), Kevin(150-73-1), Arthur(135-88-1), PFW(135-88-1)



Which of your picks do you feel strongest about and why?

Hub Arkush: Seahawks have been very impressive vs. Cards and Bills, but this is the big leagues, and the Niners in a pick ‘em seems too good to be true.

Keith Schleiden: They haven’t played good football recently, but the Bears’ backs are against the wall. The Cards showed life in Week 15, but Chicago has too much at stake to lose.

Mike Holbrook: Carolina is playing its best ball of the season and has too much offense for a Raiders “D” that has been gashed several times. Traveling East hurts Oakland, too.

Dan Arkush: Motivated to give their all in front of a home crowd likely overflowing with transplanted Chicagoans, I see Arizona battling the Bears down to the wire.

Eric Edholm: Patriots after a loss? Good. After a very disappointing home loss? Awesome. They’ll stomp the Jaguars by three touchdowns — even in Jacksonville.

Mike Wilkening: I’ll side with the 49ers, who overpowered Seattle in the first meeting between the teams. San Francisco has just a little too much strength on offense for Seattle.

Dan Parr: I don’t like the Titans most weeks, and certainly don’t on a short one with a road trip to Green Bay waiting for them. The Packers are going to stay hot.

Kevin Fishbain: The Steelers have been shaky in the past two weeks, but they have always played well vs. Andy Dalton, and are in must-win, desperation mode.

Arthur Arkush: I can’t think of a worse time for the Jaguars to play the Patriots. Brady and Belichick will still be seething, effectively ending this one before it starts.

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