Expect more hands on deck in Ravens' offense

Posted Dec. 15, 2012 @ 8:26 p.m.
Posted By Mike Wilkening

Time will tell if a late-season coordinator change is just what the Ravens’ offense needed. What is clear, however, is that Jim Caldwell’s management style figures to be different than that of predecessor Cam Cameron. The way we hear it, Caldwell is expected to take a more collaborative approach to running the offense.

“They are fine technicians, but they also have a great, great grasp for strategy and technique and things of that nature,” Caldwell said of the Ravens’ assistant coaches, according to the club. “I’m going to lean on them heavily, obviously. We’ve done that all along, I think, just in terms of divvying up responsibility and things of that nature — probably even more so now.”

We’re told that there’s sentiment that a new voice in charge of the offense might not be the worst thing for the group. Going forward, the identity and execution of Caldwell’s offense will be issues to watch. More of the no-huddle that QB Joe Flacco prefers wouldn’t surprise anyone. Flacco’s play under a new coordinator will also be watched closely, though it wasn’t as if Flacco wasn’t under considerable scrutiny in a contract year as is.