Week 15 early-week PFW staff selections

Posted Dec. 11, 2012 @ 6:20 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff


Green Bay -3 vs. CHICAGO

N.Y. Giants +1½  vs. ATLANTA

Pittsburgh -1  vs. DALLAS

Tampa Bay vs. NEW ORLEANS (54) OVER

LAST WEEK: 3-0-1 / SEASON: 29-25-2



"PFW" refers to the staff consensus pick. HOME TEAM IN CAPS. Asterisk (*) denotes team will cover pointspread but lose game. Boldface (#) selections indicate best bets.

Thursday night
Cincinnati -3 vs. PHILADELPHIA (46½)
Cincinnati: Keith, Mike H, Dan A, Eric, Dan P, Arthur, PFW
Philadelphia: Hub, Mike W, Kevin*

Green Bay -3 vs. CHICAGO (42)
Green Bay: Hub, Keith(#), Mike H(#), Eric(#), Mike W, Dan P(#), Kevin(#), Arthur, PFW(#)
Chicago: Dan A*

ATLANTA -1½ vs. N.Y. Giants (51)
Atlanta: Mike W(#)
N.Y. Giants: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Dan A, Eric(#), Dan P(#), Kevin, Arthur(#), PFW(#)

NEW ORLEANS -3 vs. Tampa Bay (54)
New Orleans: Hub(#), Keith, Mike H, Dan A, Eric, Dan P, Kevin(#), Arthur, PFW
Tampa Bay: Mike W

ST. LOUIS -3 vs. Minnesota (38)
St. Louis: Hub, Mike H(#), Dan A, Eric, Dan P, Arthur, PFW
Minnesota: Keith, Mike W, Kevin*

Washington -2½ vs. CLEVELAND
Washington: Eric, Mike W, Dan P, Arthur
Cleveland: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Dan A, Kevin, PFW

MIAMI -7 vs. Jacksonville (37)
Miami: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Dan A, Eric, Dan P, Kevin, PFW
Jacksonville: Mike W*, Arthur*

Denver -2½ vs. BALTIMORE (48½)
Denver: Mike H, Dan P, Kevin, Arthur
Baltimore: Hub, Keith, Dan A(#), Eric, Mike W, PFW

HOUSTON -8½ vs. Indianapolis (48)
Houston: Hub(#), Mike H(#), Mike W, Dan P, Kevin(#), PFW
Indianapolis: Keith*, Dan A*(#), Eric*, Arthur*

SAN DIEGO -3 vs. Carolina (45½)
San Diego: Hub(#), Keith, Mike W, Kevin
Carolina: Mike H, Dan A, Eric, Dan P, Arthur, PFW

Seattle -4½ vs. BUFFALO (Toronto) (43)
Seattle: Keith(#), Eric, Arthur
Buffalo (Toronto): Hub*, Mike H*, Dan A*, Mike W*, Dan P*, Kevin*, PFW*

Detroit -6 vs. ARIZONA (43)
Detroit: Mike H, Eric
Arizona: Hub*, Keith*, Dan A*, Mike W*(#), Dan P*, Kevin*, Arthur*, PFW*

Pittsburgh -1 vs. DALLAS (44)
Pittsburgh: Hub, Keith, Dan A(#), Eric(#), Dan P, Arthur(#), PFW(#)
Dallas: Mike H, Mike W, Kevin

OAKLAND -3 vs. Kansas City (43)
Oakland: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Eric, Dan P, Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Kansas City: Dan A, Mike W

Sunday night
NEW ENGLAND -3½ vs. San Francisco (48)
New England: Hub, Keith(#), Dan A, Eric, Mike W(#), Kevin, Arthur(#), PFW
San Francisco: Mike H*, Dan P*(#)

Monday night
TENNESSEE -1 vs. N.Y. Jets (42)
Tennessee: Hub, Mike W
N.Y. Jets: Keith, Mike H, Dan A, Eric, Dan P, Kevin, Arthur, PFW


Last week vs. spread
Hub(7-8-1), Keith(7-8-1), Mike H(7-8-1), Dan A(8-7-1), Eric(6-9-1), Mike W(4-11-1), Dan P(6-9-1), Kevin(8-7-1), Arthur(8-7-1), PFW(7-8-1)

Season to date vs. spread
Hub(92-109-7), Keith(92-109-7), Mike H(99-102-7), Dan A(98-103-7), Eric(98-103-7), Mike W(108-93-7), Dan P(100-101-7), Kevin(116-85-7), Arthur(99-102-7), PFW(101-100-7)

Last week best bets
Hub(2-0-1), Keith(1-1-1), Mike H(1-2), Dan A(3-0), Eric(1-2), Mike W(2-1), Dan P(2-1), Kevin(2-1), Arthur(1-1-1), PFW(3-0-1)

Season to date best bets
Hub(20-21-1), Keith(19-21-2), Mike H(20-21-1), Dan A(14-26-2), Eric(19-23), Mike W(21-18-3), Dan P(20-20-2), Kevin(19-21-2), Arthur(16-24-2), PFW(29-25-2)

Last week straight-up
Hub(11-5), Keith(11-5), Mike H(11-5), Dan A(11-5), Eric(11-5), Mike W(9-7), Dan P(10-6), Kevin(10-6), Arthur(11-5), PFW(11-5)

Season to date straight-up
Hub(134-73-1), Keith(121-86-1), Mike H(136-71-1), Dan A(133-74-1), Eric(129-78-1), Mike W(136-71-1), Dan P(128-79-1), Kevin(141-66-1), Arthur(125-82-1), PFW(127-80-1)



Which of your picks do you feel strongest about and why?

Hub Arkush: The Saints might be done with any playoff hopes, but so are the Bucs, and with the way Tampa Bay defends the pass, New Orleans might score 100.

Keith Schleiden: The Packers have won five in a row vs. the Bears, who are in the midst of another late-season swoon. If Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson are back, look out.

Mike Holbrook: I like the way the Rams are playing of late and the Vikings have not traveled well this season. Even if Adrian Peterson goes off, the Rams can cover this spread.

Dan Arkush: I just have a real difficult time wrapping my brain around the concept of the Ravens being underdogs at home under any circumstances.

Eric Edholm: The Steelers’ problem is they play down to their competition. The Cowboys’ is that they stake big leads at home. Steelers will come strong in this must-win game.

Mike Wilkening: Give me the Falcons. No one’s on their bandwagon, but I’m taking them at this price and in this spot. They know what everyone’s saying, and they’ll be ready.

Dan Parr: The Packers will extend their winning streak against the Bears to six. Do not be surprised if the outcome of this game looks very similar to Green Bay’s Week Two win.

Kevin Fishbain: The Colts have been a great story, but they haven’t done it against many good teams. The Texans are the best team they’ve faced outside the Pats, and will be too much.

Arthur Arkush: New York is just starting to hit its stride as the Falcons are coming off their worst defensive performance of the season. Giants send a strong message in Atlanta.