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Insider: Asomugha has let down Eagles defense

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By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity:

• “The Eagles cut Jason Babin because they are making plans for next year already. They have to play their young guys. When you have bad secondary and corner play, your pass rush is in trouble. The whole defense is predicated on having physical corners. I would have benched Nnamdi Asomugha last year. It takes a blind man not to see it. He turns down contact and gets away with it. There is no accountability, and the players see it.”

• “(Bears DE Corey) Wootton has been a surprise this year. He is having by far his best year in terms of creating sacks and pressures. (Having your team use) a first-round pick on a player at your position can have that effect.”

• “(Jaguars QB) Chad Henne is better than Blaine Gabbert. The offense has been more in sync since he took over. The receivers are playing better. … It’s hard to do much when you lose your running game.”

• “(Eagles MLB) DeMeco Ryans doesn’t make plays and is disappointing on tape. He could never run very well, but the injuries have added up.”

• “The problem with Mark Sanchez ­— I always thought it was more mental than physical. Playing quarterback is hard in this league. You need to put in the time to prepare. It has always been about more than the game to him — using his celebrity status to his advantage.  … You usually only get one chance to bring in a head coach and one swing at selecting a quarterback. (The Jets)  traded up for Sanchez and it didn’t work. (Eric) Mangini didn’t turn out too well. Say what you will about Rex (Ryan) — I think he is refreshingly honest — I don’t know how much time he has left.”

• “Mark my words — there are going to be some changes in Oakland. I think the son (Mark Davis) will keep digging into (his dad Al’s) past until he finds something that works.”

• “There are some bad football teams right now with good records. I’d put Baltimore and Chicago in that category. Losing to Charlie Batch at home is not a good sign. … I didn’t think Russell Wilson was going to be as good as he has been. He is the biggest reason the Seahawks beat the Bears. I was too hard on him coming out of college. The kid is a good player.”

• “It looked like the Redskins were dead in the water before the bye. The way the quarterback has been playing the last two weeks, it looks like an entirely different team. They are playing with confidence. (Robert) Griffin III is playing very well. If they show up on Monday night and take care of the Giants, look out.”

• “It’s been a crazy year when you look at how much so many teams are struggling around the league. There just are not enough good quarterbacks to go around. It takes time to develop them, even when they have all the talent in the world. … Look at how much Cam Newton has struggled. Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rodgers started the season off very slowly. Look at Philip Rivers. Sometimes there are good reasons for it. There’s so much that goes into it, and so many places you can go wrong. It’s not always easy to diagnose, manage and repair.”

• “The pressure in the NFL is bad, at every level of the organization. You’re always worried about losing your job, and the higher up you climb, the more is expected. … A lot of GMs are stressed about being away from the building. That’s why you need guys you can trust and are not trying to get your job. “

• “(Patriots offensive coordinator) Josh McDaniels is going to be a hot ticket (on the coaching circuit). He’s been a head coach before — did he have too much authority? I don’t know. … He believes in his system. The offense has been humming.”

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