Seahawks at no loss in terms of leaders

Posted Nov. 21, 2012 @ 8:50 p.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

When you add up all the strengths Seahawks rookie QB Russell Wilson has displayed up to now, his instant leadership ability has to, at the very least, be mentioned near the top of an increasingly lengthy list. 

“Very much so,” one daily team observer said. “Leading the way in comeback wins against teams like the Packers and Patriots is tough for any quarterback. Every week the guys are rallying around him more and more, genuinely believing he can lead the team to wins."

That said, almost three-quarters of the way through his first season as a pro, Wilson must be considered more a very strong team leader in the making — as opposed to the group of more seasoned performers that team sources believe currently shares the primary leadership role.

“It’s a very interesting question,” the observer said. “You’d probably have to consider the team captains — (C) Max Unger (on offense) and (DE) Red Bryant (on defense), who provides a humongous presence. But I would also have to include (featured back) Marshawn Lynch. While he’s not really a leader, he has been the guy who sets the tempo for the other players with the amazing things he’s able to do.

“You’d also have to put (FB/special-teams ace) Michael Robinson in that boat, too. He’s a co-captain on special teams, but he’s usually the guy in the middle of the pack screaming and yelling — him and Bryant, who’s been doing that forever.

“I think it’s all those guys together.”