Change is in the air in Arizona

Posted Nov. 21, 2012 @ 4:53 p.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

With the Cardinals now having experienced a six-game losing streak for the third time in the past three seasons, we hear both head coach Ken Whisenhunt and general manager Rod Graves can be considered to be on the hot seat.

“No question about it,” a team insider told PFW. “Two or three weeks ago, I probably would have felt differently. But although Whisenhunt still has a segment of supporters, the fan base is getting pretty disgruntled, and with the threat of non-sellouts looming, there are definitely going to be some changes coming.”

Barring a complete collapse the rest of the season, which almost certainly would lead to a full-scale housecleaning, the smart money is suggesting that both Whisenhunt and Graves will be granted one more reprieve, with the most likely shakeup occurring in Whisenhunt’s offensive coaching staff.

The best bet is that Whisenhunt will either: (a) take complete control of the team’s play-calling duties and reassign or fire offensive coordinator Mike Miller; or (b) bring in a new coordinator from outside the Cardinals’ organization and allow him to mold his own staff in the same manner as Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton did.

As far as the Cardinals’ uncertain QB situation is concerned, word is that Kevin Kolb will return to the starting lineup as soon as he is considered fully recovered from the damaged ribs that have forced him to miss the last four games — which we hear is likely to be Arizona’s Week 13 game against the Jets.

“He’s getting more zip on his passes and making progress in practice,” the insider said of Kolb. “I think they will go back to him. They still have to see what they've got in him. They played their best football when he was under center. He was efficient, and in control.

"It was good to see what he could do in a stretch of 4-5 games.”