Dobbins performing at a high level in place of Cushing

Posted Nov. 15, 2012 @ 3:58 p.m.
Posted By Arthur Arkush

Texans ILB Tim Dobbins has garnered attention this week for the violent shot he administered to Bears QB Jay Cutler in Week 10, resulting in a 15-yard penalty and subsequent $30,000 fine from the league, as well as a concussion for Cutler.

Folks around the league have varying opinions on whether Dobbins’ punishment was deserved. However, when it comes to the job he has done in replacing Pro Bowler Brian Cushing, who suffered a season-ending knee injury in Week Five, the sentiment is unanimous: Dobbins has been terrific.

We hear the greatest asset that Dobbins, a tough, physical, downhill striker, brings to the table is his experience. He started games in both Miami and San Diego, and he was already familiar with Wade Phillips’ defense prior to his arrival in 2011.

“It starts from upstairs,” Dobbins told PFW, regarding the Texans’ successful next-man-up approach. “They always bring people in who they feel like can come in and play if their No. 1’s go down. … And I’m just trying to make sure that everything Cush has done all these years, just make sure it’s not wasted. I don’t want to give up big plays … I just really want to make him proud, try to do the things that he would do and just have fun with it.”