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Insider: Reid is done in Philadelphia

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By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity:

• “I think Andy Reid is done. I don’t know how he can even want to go forward with what he is dealing with right now.  His offensive line is the worst in football, hands down, not even close. And he loved Juan Castillo. I don’t care what anyone says — I don’t think it was his decision to let him go. The move was dictated from above. I understand the reason for it, but Juan wasn’t the problem. It’s the quarterback’s turnovers in the red zone.”

• “I think Carolina is going to rally in the second half of the season. They dominated the Bears for most of the game. Then they crushed the Redskins so bad that I think they stuck a cross on Mike Shanahan’s chest (for last rites). I was watching the game thinking — why did Marty Hurney get fired? Luke Kuechly is an animal … (Shanahan) is already talking about building for next year. If you can’t win the division this year, when are you going to win it? The Eagles are embarassing. The Cowboys fold every time a game is on the line.”

• “Brian Urlacher looked like he had a keg of beer on his back when he returned that interception (against Tennessee). The Bears might be the luckiest team I have ever seen on tape. There is a skill to popping the ball out, but only one guy is doing it. Is Charles Tillman‘s contract up? He is a machine. It’s amazing what he is doing this year. I’ve never seen it before.”

• “(Jacksonville QB Blaine Gabbert) does not like to get hit. He does not step up in the pocket. He throws with a wide base. You can watch a quarterback’s footwork and tell whether he is accurate or not. The good quarterbacks shift their weight like a pitcher. Gabbert throws flat-footed with a wide base — you can’t be accurate that way. The best thing he did this year was cut his hair, but he still plays (scared).”

• “I love that Jimmy Johnson came out and exposed Jerry Jones. (Jones) was trying to act like he won a lot of titles, and Jimmy slammed his (butt). He said he didn’t earn those titles until after he left — it was Jimmy that evaluated and coached those players. What do you think the state of Texas thinks about Jerry Jones right now? He said it — he would fire himself. The state of Texas is going to be up in arms if he doesn’t shut up and get out of the way.”

• “(NFL commissioner) Roger Goodell is a hated, marked man by players and coaches. No one likes the guy. I have been shocked to hear (some coaches) talking about him. I have been around this league a long time, man, and I have never heard the kind of animosity directed at a man like I have him ”

• “Too many good football people have been pushed aside and passed by. That’s why the product is so bad. The league’s gone too young. There’s just not a lot of good football teams anymore. It has really thinned out. I think it has to do with bad evaluation, a lack of development and poor coaching. This league is all about nepotism — that’s the problem. … Right now, you have Houston, New England and Denver in the AFC and there’s not a whole lot else. The Colts are 6-3 and they don’t even have a head football coach. They have a rookie quarterback and a head coach in the hospital. What’s that tell you? Denver has old man Manning. Tom Brady is fading. Pittsburgh is winning with Todd Haley at the helm after he got run out of Kansas City.“

• “The wheels are coming off the bus in Baltimore with (No.) 52 (Ray Lewis) out. Their drafts have not been that good. Ed Reed is not replaceable and is probably done after the year. They’re replacing Lewis with Dannell Ellerbe? They used to have a dominant defender at every level of their defense. With (Haloti) Ngata banged up, Ray out and Reed (aging), the defense is fading fast.”

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