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Week Nine selections from 'Pro Football Weekly on TV'

Posted Nov. 02, 2012 @ 11:52 a.m. ET
By PFW staff

PFW publisher/editor Hub Arkush once again is joined by Hall of Fame DT Dan Hampton and former Bears WR Tom Waddle among the panelists on the "Pro Football Weekly on TV" show. Each week they will pick a pointspread winner for each game, except Thursday games, and also pick a lock of the week. These picks will be posted late on Friday night each week. No Thursday games will be included. Pushes are dropped from each panelist's record.

Thursday Las Vegas line Tom Waddle Dan Hampton Hub Arkush
Denver -3½ vs. CINCINNATI 
 Denver  Denver  Denver
GREEN BAY -11 vs. Arizona   Green Bay  Green Bay  Arizona
Miami -2½ vs. INDIANAPOLIS   Miami  Miami  Miami
Baltimore -3½ vs. CLEVELAND   Baltimore  Baltimore  Cleveland
HOUSTON -10½ vs. Buffalo   Houston  Houston  Houston
WASHINGTON -3 vs. Carolina   Washington  Carolina  Carolina
Detroit -3½ vs. JACKSONVILLE   Detroit  Detroit  Detroit
Chicago -3½ vs. TENNESSEE   Chicago  Chicago  Tennessee
SEATTLE -5 vs. Minnesota   Seattle  Seattle  Minnesota
OAKLAND -1½ vs. Tampa Bay   Tampa Bay  Tampa Bay  Oakland
N.Y. GIANTS -3 vs. Pittsburgh   N.Y. Giants  N.Y. Giants  N.Y. Giants
Sunday night
ATLANTA -4½ vs. Dallas 
 Dallas  Dallas  Atlanta
Monday night
NEW ORLEANS -3½ vs. Philadelphia 
 Philadelphia  Philadelphia  Philadelphia
  Tom Waddle Dan Hampton Hub Arkush
Lock of the week  Detroit  Green Bay  Miami
Last week vs. spread  3-10  4-9  5-8
Season to date vs. spread  43-67  45-65  49-61
Last week's locks  1-0  0-1  1-0
Season-to-date locks  3-5  3-5  3-5

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