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Week Nine early-week PFW staff selections

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Posted Oct. 30, 2012 @ 6:23 p.m. ET
By PFW staff


HOUSTON -10 vs. Buffalo

Chicago -3½ vs. TENNESSEE

ATLANTA -4½ vs. Dallas

Arizona vs. GREEN BAY (43½) UNDER

LAST WEEK: 3-1 / SEASON: 13-19



"PFW" refers to the staff consensus pick. HOME TEAM IN CAPS. Asterisk (*) denotes team will cover pointspread but lose game. Boldface (#) selections indicate best bets.

Thursday night
SAN DIEGO -8½ vs. Kansas City (42½)
San Diego: Keith, Dan A, Kevin, Arthur
Kansas City: Hub*, Mike H*,  Eric*, Mike W*(#), Dan P*, PFW*

Denver -3 vs. CINCINNATI (47)
Denver: Keith, Mike H(#), Eric, Mike W(#), Dan P, Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Cincinnati: Hub, Dan A(#)

GREEN BAY -10 vs. Arizona (43½)
Green Bay: Keith, Eric(#), Mike W, Dan P(#), Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Arizona: Hub*, Mike H*, Dan A*

Miami -3 vs. INDIANAPOLIS (43)
Miami: Hub(#), Keith(#), Mike H, Dan A, Eric, Dan P, Kevin, PFW
Indianapolis: Mike W, Arthur

Baltimore -3½ vs. CLEVELAND (42½)
Baltimore: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Mike W, Dan P, Arthur, PFW
Cleveland: Dan A*, Eric*, Kevin*

HOUSTON -10 vs. Buffalo (47)
Houston: Hub, Keith(#), Mike H(#), Dan A(#), Eric(#), Mike W, Dan P, Kevin(#), Arthur(#), PFW(#)
Buffalo: None

WASHINGTON -3½ vs. Carolina (46)
Washington: Mike H, Eric, Kevin
Carolina: Hub, Keith, Dan A, Mike W*, Dan P*, Arthur*, PFW*

Detroit -3½ vs. JACKSONVILLE (44)
Detroit: Hub(#), Keith, Mike H, Dan A, Eric, Dan P(#), Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Jacksonville: Mike W

Chicago -3½ vs. TENNESSEE (43½)
Chicago: Keith(#), Mike H, Dan A, Eric, Mike W, Dan P, Kevin(#), Arthur(#), PFW(#)
Tennessee: Hub

SEATTLE -5 vs. Minnesota (39½)
Seattle: Keith, Mike H, Eric, Dan P, Kevin, PFW
Minnesota: Hub*, Dan A*, Mike W*, Arthur*

OAKLAND -1½ vs. Tampa Bay (45)
Oakland: Hub, Mike H, Mike W, Arthur
Tampa Bay: Keith, Dan A, Eric, Dan P(#), Kevin, PFW

N.Y. GIANTS -3½ vs. Pittsburgh (47½)
N.Y. Giants: Hub, Keith, Eric, Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Pittsburgh: Mike H*, Dan A*(#), Mike W(#), Dan P*

Sunday night
ATLANTA -4½ vs. Dallas (47½)
Atlanta: Hub(#), Mike H, Eric(#), Kevin(#), Arthur(#), PFW(#)
Dallas: Keith*, Dan A*, Mike W*, Dan P*

Monday night
NEW ORLEANS -3½ vs. Philadelphia (52½)
New Orleans: Kevin
Philadelphia: Hub*, Keith, Mike H(#), Dan A*, Eric, Mike W, Dan P, Arthur, PFW


Last week vs. spread
Hub(5-9), Keith(3-11), Mike H(10-4), Dan A(6-8), Eric(7-7), Mike W(11-3), Dan P(7-7), Kevin(9-5), Arthur(6-8), PFW(7-7)

Season to date vs. spread
Hub(58-57-3), Keith(47-68-3), Mike H(55-60-3), Dan A(56-59-3), Eric(53-62-3), Mike W(67-48-3), Dan P(55-60-3), Kevin(62-53-3), Arthur(49-66-3), PFW(57-58-3)

Last week best bets
Hub(1-2), Keith(2-1), Mike H(1-2), Dan A(0-3), Eric(1-2), Mike W(3-0), Dan P(2-1), Kevin(1-2), Arthur(0-3), PFW(3-1)

Season to date best bets
Hub(10-14), Keith(11-13), Mike H(9-14-1), Dan A(5-18-1), Eric(10-14), Mike W(13-9-2), Dan P(9-14-1), Kevin(7-16-1), Arthur(7-17), PFW(13-19)

Last week straight-up
Hub(8-6), Keith(7-7), Mike H(10-4), Dan A(8-6), Eric(11-3), Mike W(11-3), Dan P(9-5), Kevin(11-3), Arthur(8-6), PFW(9-5)

Season to date straight-up
Hub(77-41), Keith(63-55), Mike H(75-43), Dan A(75-43), Eric(70-48), Mike W(78-40), Dan P(71-47), Kevin(76-42), Arthur(64-54), PFW(72-46)



Which of your picks do you feel strongest about and why?

Hub Arkush: The Lions finally had a bounce-back game last week vs. Seattle, and the Jaguars are a really bad team without MJD — in fact, helpless without him.

Keith Schleiden: Ten points is a lot to give away, but I still believe the Texans are the best team in the AFC and will be able to handle the frustrating Bills easily this week.

Mike Holbrook: There’s no way the Bills can hang with the Texans coming off the bye in Houston. The Texans will impose their will offensively and defensively and win decisively.

Dan Arkush: I look for Houston’s defense to be extra motivated matched up against what has been an underachieving Buffalo defense featuring ex-Texan Mario Williams.

Eric Edholm: The Texans will be refocused enough to figure out how to stop the Bills’ run game and frustrate Ryan Fitzpatrick. They already know how to attack the Bills offensively.

Mike Wilkening: The Broncos are starting to get into top gear, and Peyton Manning has had the Bengals’ number over the years, never losing to Cincinnati.

Dan Parr: The Raiders have won two in a row, but the wins came against arguably the league’s two worst teams. The Bucs will give them a wake-up call  and get a win.

Kevin Fishbain: The Bears avoided a letdown vs. Carolina, and I think it was a wake-up call. The Titans won’t be able to muster much against Chicago’s defense.

Arthur Arkush: The Bills historically play well following the bye, but unless they magically learned how to stop the run, it says here the Texans win in another laugher.

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