Can the Browns turn their season around?

Posted Oct. 11, 2012 @ 12:01 p.m.
Posted By Steve DiMatteo

The Cleveland Browns are thrilled to get CB Joe Haden back this week following his four-game suspension, especially after another game in which the secondary was torched by an opposing quarterback.

Haden’s return was supposed to signify a stretch endured by the Browns, a chance to bolster the defense and make something out of this season. Of course, one might have thought the Browns would actually have a win by now.

Instead, this 0-5 team has been mired in a pit of offensive mistakes and poor defense. Things are certainly bleak in Cleveland, and the how and why of the current situation has been looked at extensively.

Rather than doing that again, let’s focus on the Browns’ ability to turn their season around. Expectations must be tempered; no one is talking about the playoffs here. But to win four or five of their final 11 games would be a salvaged season, no?

The Browns have time to make things right, and here is how they can do it:

Believe it or not, the Browns’ schedule isn’t impossible going forward. Matchups against the Colts, Raiders, Chiefs, and Redskins are all, essentially, “winnable” games, though the Browns have had a few of those already.

More than anything, they simply need to find a way to put it all together in a game. The offense and defense have had impressive performances this season, just never in the same game. While these isolated occurrences are certainly encouraging for the future, the Browns need to figure it out on the same day at least once.

Maybe the return of Joe Haden sets all of that in motion. Maybe Trent Richardson gets more carries (which should be the case, as he is tied for 12th in the NFL in that department). Maybe Brandon Weeden puts together one of his better games on the same day the defense forces a few turnovers or simply doesn’t give up 500-plus yards of offense.

Whatever it is, the Browns need to make it happen, and they need to make it happen fast. The season isn’t dead just yet, but the buzzards are circling.

Steve DiMatteo is a freelance writer based in Cleveland who currently serves as the editor/lead writer of Dawg Pound Daily. You can follow him on Twitter at steve_dimatteo.