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Week Six early-week PFW staff selections

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Posted Oct. 09, 2012 @ 5:09 p.m. ET
By PFW staff


Pittsburgh -5½ vs. TENNESSEE

ATLANTA -8½  vs. Oakland

New England -3½ vs. SEATTLE

N.Y. Giants vs. SAN FRANCISCO (45½) OVER

LAST WEEK: 3-1 / SEASON: 8-12



"PFW" refers to the staff consensus pick. HOME TEAM IN CAPS. Asterisk (*) denotes team will cover pointspread but lose game. Boldface (#) selections indicate best bets.

Thursday night
Pittsburgh -5½ vs. TENNESSEE (43)
Pittsburgh: Hub, Keith(#), Mike H(#), Eric(#), Dan P(#), Kevin(#), Arthur(#), PFW(#)
Tennessee: Dan A*, Mike W*

Cincinnati -2½ vs. CLEVELAND (44)
Cincinnati: Keith, Mike H, Eric, Mike W(#), Dan P(#), Arthur(#), PFW
Cleveland: Hub, Dan A(#), Kevin

N.Y. JETS -3 vs. Indianapolis
N.Y. Jets: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Dan A, Eric, Dan P, Kevin, PFW
Indianapolis: Mike W, Arthur

TAMPA BAY -3½ vs. Kansas City
Tampa Bay: Dan A, Eric, Dan P, Kevin
Kansas City: Hub, Keith, Mike H*, Mike W*, Arthur*, PFW*

ATLANTA -8½ vs. Oakland (48½)
Atlanta: Hub, Keith(#), Mike H(#), Dan A(#), Eric(#), Mike W(#), Dan P(#), Kevin, Arthur(#), PFW(#)
Oakland: None

BALTIMORE -3½ vs. Dallas (43½)
Baltimore: Hub, Keith, Dan A, Eric(#), Mike W, Kevin(#), Arthur, PFW
Dallas: Mike H*, Dan P*

PHILADELPHIA -5½ vs. Detroit (47½)
Philadelphia: Mike H(#)
Detroit: Hub*, Keith*, Dan A*(#), Eric, Mike W*, Dan P*, Kevin*, Arthur*, PFW*

MIAMI -3½ vs. St. Louis (37½)
Miami: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Dan A, Eric, Kevin, PFW
St. Louis: Mike W*, Dan P*, Arthur

New England -3½ vs. SEATTLE (44)
New England: Hub(#), Keith, Eric, Mike W(#), Dan P, Kevin(#), Arthur, PFW(#)
Seattle: Mike H*, Dan A*

ARIZONA -5 vs. Buffalo (43)
Arizona: Mike H, Eric, Arthur
Buffalo: Hub, Keith*, Dan A*, Mike W*, Dan P*, Kevin*, PFW*

WASHINGTON -2½ vs. Minnesota
Washington: Hub, Mike H, Dan A, Eric, Kevin, PFW
Minnesota: Keith, Mike W, Dan P, Arthur

SAN FRANCISCO -6 vs. N.Y. Giants (45½)
San Francisco: Hub(#), Eric, Dan P, Kevin
N.Y. Giants: Keith*, Mike H*, Dan A*, Mike W*, Arthur*, PFW*

Sunday night
HOUSTON -5 vs. Green Bay
Houston: Keith(#), Kevin, Arthur
Green Bay: Hub*, Mike H*, Dan A, Eric*, Mike W*, Dan P*, PFW*

Monday night
SAN DIEGO -2½ vs. Denver (50)
San Diego: Hub(#), Keith, Mike H, Eric, Kevin, PFW
Denver: Dan A, Mike W, Dan P, Arthur


Last week vs. spread
Hub(8-6), Keith(6-8), Mike H(6-8), Dan A(9-5), Eric(8-6), Mike W(7-7), Dan P(6-8), Kevin(8-6), Arthur(7-7), PFW(7-7)

Season to date vs. spread
Hub(41-34-2), Keith(32-43-2), Mike H(31-44-2), Dan A(37-38-2), Eric(34-41-2), Mike W(46-29-2), Dan P(33-42-2), Kevin(39-36-2), Arthur(36-39-2), PFW(38-37-2)

Last week best bets
Hub(1-2), Keith(1-2), Mike H(1-2), Dan A(1-2), Eric(2-1), Mike W(2-1), Dan P(1-2), Kevin(1-2), Arthur(2-1), PFW(3-1)

Season to date best bets
Hub(7-8), Keith(6-9), Mike H(7-8), Dan A(3-12), Eric(6-9), Mike W(10-3-2), Dan P(6-8-1), Kevin(5-10), Arthur(5-10), PFW(8-12)

Last week straight-up
Hub(11-3), Keith(9-5), Mike H(10-4), Dan A(10-4), Eric(11-3), Mike W(11-3), Dan P(9-5), Kevin(11-3), Arthur(10-4), PFW(11-3)

Season to date straight-up
Hub(51-26), Keith(42-35), Mike H(48-29), Dan A(50-27), Eric(44-33), Mike W(54-23), Dan P(45-32), Kevin(47-30), Arthur(43-34), PFW(47-30)



Which of your picks do you feel strongest about and why?

Hub Arkush: If revenge is in fact a dish best served cold, mark the look in the eyes of the red-hot 49ers as ice cold as they prove to the Giants payback’s a bitch.

Keith Schleiden: The Titans are completely inept on defense, surrendering 36.2 points and 423.8 yards per game. An improving Pittsburgh offense will exploit this.

Mike Holbrook: The Eagles are finally going to get the offense in high gear against a Lions defense that can’t stop their downfield weapons and roll to a comfortable victory.

Dan Arkush: Typically a big fan of dogs at home in divisional games, I think the Browns could be ready for their first win of the season matched up vs. their Ohio neighbors.

Eric Edholm: Not a lot of great plays this week, but the Ravens are better in the trenches than the Cowboys, who chose to remain static on the O-line. Bad call there.

Mike Wilkening: The Patriots’ versatile, high-paced offense will eventually wear down an outstanding Seattle defense. The Pats are playing very, very well right now.

Dan Parr: The Raiders have yet to show me they are going to stop anyone. I expect Matt Ryan to shred the secondary and lead Atlanta to a very comfortable win.

Kevin Fishbain: The Cowboys may be coming off a bye, but the Ravens’ defense is not a good “welcome back” to the gridiron. I expect a better Ravens offense in this one, too.

Arthur Arkush: No QB in the league is playing better than Matt Ryan, who should thrive against a vulnerable Oakland pass “D” that has allowed nine TDs and hasn’t made a pick.

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