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Week Four early-week PFW staff selections

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Posted Sept. 24, 2012 @ 5:49 p.m. ET
By PFW staff


ATLANTA -7½ vs. Carolina

New England -3 vs. BUFFALO

San Francisco -3 vs. N.Y. JETS

Miami vs. ARIZONA (40½) UNDER

LAST WEEK: 0-4 / SEASON: 3-9



"PFW" refers to the staff consensus pick. HOME TEAM IN CAPS. Asterisk (*) denotes team will cover pointspread but lose game. Boldface (#) selections indicate best bets.

Thursday night
BALTIMORE -13 vs. Cleveland
Baltimore: Mike H, Dan P(#), Kevin, Arthur
Cleveland: Hub*, Keith*, Dan A*, Eric*, Mike W*, PFW*

ATLANTA -7½ vs. Carolina (49½)
Atlanta: Hub(#), Keith(#), Mike H, Eric(#), Dan P, Kevin(#), Arthur(#), PFW(#)
Carolina: Dan A*, Mike W*

New England -3 vs. BUFFALO
New England: Hub(#), Keith(#), Mike H(#), Dan A, Eric, Mike W(#), Dan P(#), Kevin, Arthur, PFW(#)
Buffalo: None

DETROIT -4½ vs. Minnesota
Detroit: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Dan A, Dan P, Kevin, PFW
Minnesota: Eric*, Mike W, Arthur*

San Diego -1 vs. KANSAS CITY (44½)
San Diego: Mike H, Kevin, Arthur
Kansas City: Hub, Keith, Dan A(#), Eric, Mike W, Dan P, PFW

Seattle -3 vs. ST. LOUIS (42½)
Seattle: Keith, Eric, Dan P, Arthur(#)
St. Louis: Hub, Mike H, Dan A, Mike W(#), Kevin, PFW

San Francisco -3 vs. N.Y. JETS (40½)
San Francisco: Hub(#), Keith, Dan A, Eric(#), Dan P(#), Kevin(#), Arthur, PFW(#)
N.Y. Jets: Mike H, Mike W   

HOUSTON -11½ vs. Tennessee (45)
Houston: Hub, Mike H(#), Kevin
Tennessee: Keith*, Dan A*, Eric*(#), Mike W*, Dan P*, Arthur, PFW*

ARIZONA -6½ vs. Miami (40½)
Arizona: Keith, Mike H, Eric, Arthur
Miami: Hub*, Dan A*, Mike W*, Dan P*, Kevin*, PFW*

Cincinnati -1½ vs. JACKSONVILLE (43)
Cincinnati: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Mike W(#), Dan P, PFW
Jacksonville: Dan A, Eric, Kevin, Arthur

DENVER -6 vs. Oakland (47)
Denver: Hub, Mike H(#), Mike W, Dan P, Kevin, Arthur(#), PFW
Oakland: Keith*, Dan A*(#), Eric*    

GREEN BAY -7½ vs. New Orleans (54)
Green Bay: Hub, Keith(#), Mike H, Dan A(#), Eric, Kevin(#), Arthur, PFW
New Orleans: Mike W*, Dan P*

TAMPA BAY -3 vs. Washington (48)
Tampa Bay: Keith, Mike H, Dan A, Eric, Dan P, Arthur, PFW
Washington: Hub, Mike W, Kevin

Sunday night
PHILADELPHIA -2½ vs. N.Y. Giants (47)
Philadelphia: Hub, Mike H, Dan A
N.Y. Giants: Keith, Eric, Mike W, Dan P, Kevin, Arthur, PFW

Monday night
DALLAS -3 vs. Chicago (44)
Dallas: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Eric, Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Chicago: Dan A, Mike W, Dan P


Last week vs. spread
Hub(7-8-1), Keith(8-7-1), Mike H(6-9-1), Dan A(7-8-1), Eric(5-10-1), Mike W(7-8-1), Dan P(7-8-1), Kevin(5-10-1), Arthur(7-8-1), PFW(7-8-1)

Season to date vs. spread
Hub(24-21-2), Keith(21-24-2), Mike H(19-26-2), Dan A(21-24-2), Eric(20-25-2), Mike W(26-19-2), Dan P(19-26-2), Kevin(21-24-2), Arthur(23-22-2), PFW(23-22-2) 

Last week best bets
Hub(1-1), Keith(1-2), Mike H(1-2), Dan A(1-2), Eric(1-2) Mike W(1-1-1), Dan P(1-1-1), Kevin(1-2), Arthur(0-3), PFW(0-4)

Season to date best bets
Hub(4-4), Keith(4-5), Mike H(3-6), Dan A(2-7), Eric(3-6), Mike W(5-2-2), Dan P(3-5-1), Kevin(3-6), Arthur(2-7), PFW(3-9)

Last week straight-up
Hub(6-10), Keith(7-9), Mike H(7-9), Dan A(7-9), Eric(6-10), Mike W(9-7), Dan P(7-9), Kevin(5-11), Arthur(6-10), PFW(6-10)

Season to date straight-up
Hub((28-19), Keith(24-23), Mike H(27-20), Dan A(29-18), Eric(25-22), Mike W(31-16), Dan P(26-21), Kevin(25-22), Arthur(25-22), PFW(26-21)



Which of your picks do you feel strongest about and why?

Hub Arkush: It looked to me like the Patriots had one taken away from them by the officials in Baltimore, and Buffalo shouldn’t be as difficult a trip.

Keith Schleiden: The Falcons’ defense has been reborn under the guidance of Mike Nolan. I expect Atlanta to confound Cam Newton and Co., covering easily in Week Four.

Mike Holbrook: Jake Locker hasn’t seen anything like the Texans’ defense yet this season. Peyton Manning put up some points against this Houston “D.” Locker won’t.

Dan Arkush: After rising up and beating the Steelers, I expect the Raiders to at the very least be a very tough out in Denver — if they don’t win the game outright.

Eric Edholm: Dramatic victories can have a galvanizing effect, and that’s what the Titans clearly are hoping after snapping an 0-2 start. They’ll keep it close vs. the Texans.

Mike Wilkening: I’m siding with the scrappy and improved Rams. The Seahawks are coming off a short week and are traveling from the Pacific to the Central Time Zone.

Dan Parr: The Bills are obviously no slouch, but I just don’t see Brady and Belichick allowing the Pats to lose three in a row. New England will bounce back.

Kevin Fishbain: The Panthers’ offense has been very hot and cold, and I don’t think Carolina’s CBs can stick with Roddy and Julio. The Falcons are firing on all cylinders right now.

Arthur Arkush: Extra time off won’t be enough for the Panthers, who, after being outclassed by the Giants, will again show how far they have to go to hang with the NFC’s elite.

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