Flynn appears to be accepting fate in Seattle

Posted Sept. 20, 2012 @ 10:38 p.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

In a very real sense, even though Russell Wilson has made him a second fiddle again, Matt Flynn still couldn’t be more important in the grand scheme of things under center for the Seahawks.

“You really can’t state enough how big a deal Matt’s acceptance of the situation is here,” said one source on the scene.

The way we hear it, understandably depressed after getting beaten out for the starting QB job most observers initially believed he would have no problem winning, Flynn is accepting his fate quite well.

“He was pretty down after not really getting a final chance to state his case in the preseason game against the Chiefs when that tendinitis flared up in his elbow,” the source said. “When Wilson went on to score on six consecutive scoring drives in that game, the decision was made. But Matt is back to being himself. It’s not like it (being a backup) is new to him. He has accepted his role, knowing he has to be ready to come right in if Russell goes down.”

Flynn also apparently knows he is better off offering valuable veteran support to Wilson rather than causing what could be a serious distraction. By all accounts, he and Wilson get along extremely well.

“It’s really hard not to like Wilson,” the source said. "He’s not a chest-thumper at all. He is just so levelheaded. Both guys (Flynn and Wilson) are very likable. It’s interesting because a lot of the players really loved (2011 starter) Tarvaris Jackson because of the way he played through pain.”