Williams' return to form bodes well for Green Bay defense

Posted Sept. 06, 2012 @ 6:27 p.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

A point that can’t be stressed enough in regard to the Packers’ defense is the need for a handful of key players to bounce back from subpar 2011 campaigns.

The one player that many close team observers would put at the top of the list is CB Tramon Williams, who finished the 2010 season looking like one of the league’s absolutely best cornerbacks but struggled mightily most of last season.

The way we hear it, Williams is entering this season looking a lot more like the player who flourished two years ago. Widely regarded as a major reason for Williams’ marked decline last season was a nerve problem in his shoulder that made press coverage a major chore. Williams spent a fair amount of time talking about his battered shoulder in the late spring, but entering the season, he said he wasn’t experiencing any problems at all and was feeling really healthy.

Daily Williams watchers maintain that there was a lot more wrong with Williams’ performance last season than just a bum shoulder, most notably his tendency to take too many chances and frequently get duped on double moves.

But Williams was consistently tenacious and aggressive throughout training camp and the preseason, appearing to have fully regained his confidence and willingness to get in receivers’ faces on a regular basis.