Week One early-week PFW staff selections

Posted Aug. 28, 2012 @ 9:52 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff


N.Y. GIANTS -4 vs. Dallas

Philadelphia -8 vs. CLEVELAND

DETROIT -9 vs. St. Louis

Dallas vs. N.Y. GIANTS (47) UNDER

2011 Best Bets (ATS): 40-25-3



"PFW" refers to the staff consensus pick. HOME TEAM IN CAPS. Asterisk (*) denotes team will cover pointspread but lose game. Boldface (#) selections indicate best bets.

N.Y. GIANTS -4 vs. Dallas (47)
N.Y. Giants: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Eric(#), Mike W(#), Dan P, Kevin(#), Arthur(#), PFW(#)
Dallas: Dan A*

CHICAGO -9½ vs. Indianapolis (42½)
Chicago: Hub, Keith(#), Dan A(#), Eric, Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Indianapolis: Mike H*, Mike W*, Dan P*

Philadelphia -8 vs. CLEVELAND (41)
Philadelphia: Keith, Mike H(#), Eric(#), Dan P(#), Kevin(#), Arthur(#), PFW(#)
Cleveland: Hub*, Dan A*, Mike W* 

New England -6½ vs. TENNESSEE (48)
New England: Hub, Keith(#), Dan A, Dan P, Kevin, Arthur(#), PFW
Tennessee: Mike H*, Eric*, Mike W*

Atlanta -1½ vs. KANSAS CITY (42)
Atlanta: Mike H, Mike W, Dan P, Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Kansas City: Hub, Keith, Dan A, Eric

MINNESOTA -4½ vs. Jacksonville (38)
Minnesota: Hub, Dan P
Jacksonville: Keith*, Mike H(#), Dan A*, Eric*, Mike W(#), Kevin*, Arthur*, PFW*

NEW ORLEANS -9½ vs. Washington (49½)
New Orleans: Hub, Keith(#), Dan A, Eric, Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Washington: Mike H*, Mike W*, Dan P*

N.Y. JETS -3 vs. Buffalo (40½)
N.Y. Jets: Mike H, Mike W, Dan P, Arthur
Buffalo: Hub, Keith, Dan A, Eric, Kevin, PFW

DETROIT -9 vs. St. Louis (46½)
Detroit: Hub(#), Keith, Mike H(#), Dan A(#), Eric, Dan P(#), Kevin(#), Arthur, PFW(#)
St. Louis: Mike W*

HOUSTON -10 vs. Miami (43)
Houston: Hub, Keith, Mike H, Eric, Mike W, Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Miami: Dan A*, Dan P*

GREEN BAY -5½ vs. San Francisco (45)
Green Bay: Keith, Dan A, Eric, Kevin
San Francisco: Hub*, Mike H*, Mike W, Dan P*(#), Arthur, PFW*

Seattle -2½ vs. ARIZONA (40½)
Seattle: Keith, Eric(#), Dan P, Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Arizona: Hub, Mike H, Dan A, Mike W(#)

Carolina -2½ vs. TAMPA BAY (46½)
Carolina: Keith, Mike H, Eric, Dan P, Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Tampa Bay: Hub, Dan A, Mike W

Sunday night
DENVER E vs. Pittsburgh (44)
Denver: Keith, Dan A
Pittsburgh: Hub(#), Mike H, Eric, Mike W, Dan P, Kevin, Arthur, PFW

Monday night
BALTIMORE -6 vs. Cincinnati (41)
Baltimore: Hub, Keith, Eric, Mike W, Dan P, Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Cincinnati: Mike H*, Dan A*(#)

San Diego -1½ vs. OAKLAND (47½)
San Diego: Hub(#), Keith, Eric, Dan P, Kevin, Arthur, PFW
Oakland: Mike H, Dan A, Mike W

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Which of your picks do you feel strongest about and why?

Hub Arkush: Change is in the air for St. Louis, but big improvement is still a ways off. The Rams have no answer for Calvin Johnson, and the Lions make this a rout.

Keith Schleiden: Andrew Luck may be ready to start in the NFL, but he’s not ready to win in Week One against a Bears team that believes it’s ready to make a Super Bowl run.

Mike Holbrook: The Eagles dominated the Browns when the first-team squads faced off in the third preseason game. Philly has too much firepower for a short-handed Cleveland “D.”

Dan Arkush: The Colts will be lucky to get within even a couple of TDs up against a Bears team that I think will be very fired up to show off its upgraded offense to the home fans.

Eric Edholm: The Cowboys come to MetLife Stadium just too banged up, especially on the O-line. They have no chance to stop the Giants’ pass rush for four quarters.

Mike Wilkening: I’ll side with the defending champions, whom I expect to be more consistent in 2012. Recall how well the Giants played in ’08 after winning the Super Bowl.

Dan Parr: The Lions should have enough power on offense to score at will against the Rams. I don’t think St. Louis will be able to keep up in this one.

Kevin Fishbain: That Eagles’ front line on “D” will not make it a fun debut for Brandon Weeden, and I don’t expect the Browns’ defense to slow Philly’s attack.

Arthur Arkush: If the Titans struggle to pressure Tom Brady — as I suspect they will — it’s going to be too tall of a mountain to climb for Jake Locker in his first NFL start.