Better NFL offense: Cowboys or Packers?

Posted May 18, 2012 @ 12:26 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff

Who has the best offense in the NFL? In the second matchup of Pro Football Weekly’s new video series, “In the Trenches,” the Packers face off against the Cowboys. The winner will be decided by the fans, but here’s what the editors of Pro Football Weekly had to say:

Senior editor Eric Edholm:
“I happen to think Tony Romo doesn’t get the respect he deserves after last season, and the Cowboys have some nice other pieces — two No. 1 receivers, a good left tackle, a dependable tight end and a running back with some talent if he can stay healthy. But let’s not get too cute here. The Packers are deep and dangerous. Who do you try to stop? Watch Randall Cobb this season — with more refinement in his game, he could be this year’s Jordy Nelson. The Packers are just a notch above, although I do worry about their O-line and Aaron Rodgers’ concussions.”

Associate editor Kevin Fishbain:
“Packers. Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the league. The teams are similar in terms of the caliber of pass catchers, but I’ll take Jermichael Finley over Jason Witten at this point, and Green Bay is overall much more consistent, which goes back to Rodgers’ play.”

Associate editor Arthur Arkush:
“Even if we call the receiving corps and offensive line a draw — which they aren’t, because Green Bay is deeper in both departments — the Packers win this one in a landslide because they have the MVP. Aaron Rodgers just tops Tony Romo in every category, from coming through in the clutch to protecting the football to throwing with better accuracy and touch to being a more durable player. Sure, the Cowboys have a more talented backfield, but that is not nearly enough to make up for the edge in the Packers’ passing offense, led by the masterful Rodgers.”

Senior editor Mike Wilkening:
“The Packers’ offense is special. QB Aaron Rodgers played unbelievably well a season ago. His WR corps is first-rate, and TE Jermichael Finley has blue-chip talent. The Cowboys’ offense, for its part, has numerous strengths, and it is title-caliber, in my opinion. But Green Bay’s attack is truly elite.”

Associate editor Dan Parr:
“I like the Cowboys' running backs a whole lot more than I like the Packers', but that's about the only area on offense where Dallas gets the edge in this matchup, and it's not a big enough disparity for me to put the Cowboys in the Packers' class. Green Bay is better at quarterback, wide receiver and on the offensive line.”

Associate editor Eli Kaberon:
“What's not to love about the Packers' passing game? Greg Jennings can take any play to the house, Jordy Nelson is a premier deep threat, James Jones continues to get better, Randall Cobb has dynamic speed, Donald Driver still gets it done and Jermichael Finely is a matchup nightmare. Oh, and that Aaron Rodgers guy is pretty good, too. Give me Green Bay any day.”

Managing editor Mike Holbrook:
“The Packers get the edge thanks to the superior play of Aaron Rodgers. Both teams have talented WR corps, solid offensive lines and decent running games but Rodgers is much more consistent than Tony Romo. With the game on the line, I trust Rodgers to get the job done much more than I trust Romo.”

Editor-in-chief Keith Schleiden:
"Are we really debating this? Yes, the Cowboys have some nice weapons on offense and are more than capable of moving the ball effectively with the underrated Tony Romo at the helm. But no NFL team has more playmakers in the passing game than the Packers. Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Donald Driver, Randall Cobb and Jermichael Finley form the deepest pass-catching pool in the league. And they’ve got a guy throwing to them named Aaron Rodgers, who happens to be the best QB in the game today. Yes, the Cowboys may rate a shade better in the running game. But who needs a running game when your aerial assault is as effective as Green Bay’s?"


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