Insider: Gilmore grades as second-rounder

Posted April 22, 2012 @ 10:16 a.m.
Posted By Nolan Nawrocki

The following quotes are from NFL executives, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• “(South Carolina CB Stephon) Gilmore is a second-round corner who is going to go a lot higher than he should because he has what everyone is looking for in the way of height-weight-speed and his character is clean.”

• “If (Stanford OLT) Jonathan Martin goes in the top 20, it is a crime. He is (very soft). He should go in the third (round).”

• “(Stanford OG David) DeCastro is overrated. On tape, he is a good guard, but he is not special by any means. You love the kid, you love the work ethic, you love the makeup. But in a normal draft, you’d like to get him in the second.”

• “I wish (LSU CB) Morris Claiborne tested better athletically. He needs to get stronger. His body is still really young. He timed better at his pro day than he did at the Combine, but his jumps were average. I thought he would be more explosive.”

• “(Arizona CB Trevin) Wade has been heating up, but I still don’t know why. It’s a big ‘wow.’ He’s just a guy to me.”

• “I think the issues (he has) should keep (Amini) Silatolu out of the first, but I know a lot of offensive line coaches that are really jacked about getting him in the first. It takes some balls to take him in the first, but he will be a very hot guy if he makes it into the second (round).”

• “If the Vikings do not take (Matt Kalil), I think they are nuts. He will play 10 years in the league and be very good. I don’t think everyone is on the same page in the building yet. If you trade back, you run the risk of missing out on the guy you want.”

• “I would be scared more by Morris Claiborne’s low test score if he were a receiver. Cornerback is such an instinctive, read-and-react position. There are a lot of defenses where it’s basically going to be — you got (No.) 82 — go cover him. The test score does not matter. I think the league is getting smarter. To be elite, you need to be smart, but I’m not sure that has not always been the case.”

• “It seems everyone wants to beat up on (Alabama CB Dre) Kirkpatrick, but he can play. So, too, though could the other 10 guys (on Alabama's defense). What Nick Saban is doing there is not fair for college football. There is some serious talent on that defense.”

• “When was the last time (Georgia OT) Cordy Glenn hit anyone? He has to get a lot tougher. I thought he was a finesse guy, and it’s (difficult) to cut it as a finesse guy in the league anymore.”