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Washington Redskins

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By PFW staff

Overview: The team made its draft splash when it sent a ransom of draft picks to the Rams to move up four slots in Round One. The prize: likely Baylor’s Robert Griffin III, unless the Colts pull a stunner and veer away from Andrew Luck. But Redskins fans had better get comfortable with the afterglow of Griffin for a while. They will have to wait about 30 hours between picks from Griffin at No. 2 to their next choice in the third round (No. 69 overall). They also have two fourth-rounders, a fifth-rounder and a seventh-round pick.

Need No. 1: Quarterback

Let’s not get cute here. The biggest need will be solved by Griffin, and the early trade gives the staff the rare edge of being able to start game-planning, scheming and thinking of ways to take advantage of Griffin’s rare skill set. Duly noted, this is still Mike Shanahan’s offense, the same one he has run for years. But it will be tailored in ways that will highlight Griffin’s strengths (athleticism, arm strength, playmaking outside the pocket) and help minimize his weaknesses. He still must show he can work from under center, make complex reads coming from a spread attack and improve his accuracy and arm mechanics. But the Redskins are thrilled with the idea of landing what they believe will be their franchise quarterback.

Need No. 2: Offensive right tackle

Right tackle stands as a big need with Jammal Brown (hip) an unknown quantity at this point. Although Shanahan believes Brown will be ready for OTAs, he is no sure thing; he hasn’t played that well in two seasons in D.C. The team seeks athletic, zone-blocking big men, even on the right side. The draft class has a little depth to it, so there’s a chance the Redskins can find someone in the third or fourth rounds to fill this void.

Need No. 3: Safety

The team’s safety solutions are a bit flimsy at this point, with Patriots and Bears cast-off Brandon Meriweather and Vikings injury-reject and converted CB Cedric Griffin as possible starters. Not exactly comforting. Reed Doughty and DeJon Gomes are good backups, but that’s where they should remain. The team really does need a talented player in the back half who can cover space, replace some of LaRon Landry’s physicality (for all of his shortcomings, he could lay the wood in the box) and make a play or two when passes are up for grabs.

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