Tebow situation leaves many questions

Posted March 26, 2012 @ 12:34 p.m.
Posted By Hub Arkush

Now that Peyton Manning has landed in Denver with the Broncos and Tim Tebow is on his way to New York to join the Jets, we are left with dozens of questions, none of which seems to have any logical or reasonable answer.

Prior to becoming a Bronco, Manning had narrowed his choices to Denver, San Francisco and Tennessee. If Manning’s main focus was winning another Super Bowl, is there one among us who would dispute the 49ers were his slam-dunk choice? If his focus was money, location and familiar surroundings, shouldn’t the choice have been Tennessee, after Titans owner Bud Adams vowed not to be outbid and talked about a lifetime contract? Apparently the real tipping point for Manning, once all the dating was done, was his desire to work for John Elway, and if that’s the case, why did he waste everybody else’s time?

With Manning firmly parked in his stable, why was Elway so panicked to get Tebow on the very first plane, bus or train out of town? There is a segment of Tebow nation that will revile Elway and the Broncos forever for dissing their messiah no matter what the Broncos’ next move after signing Manning had been, but anybody who thinks the Broncos are better off with Tim Tebow at quarterback than Peyton Manning is just too stupid to worry about. I believe the overwhelming majority of Tebow’s fan base are reasonably intelligent folks who would have reacted the same way Tebow did when, according to Elway, he said, “Hey, obviously I understand, we’re talking about Peyton Manning here!” What I don’t understand is why the best place for Tebow wasn’t still in Denver as an H-back and slash-type player and the Broncos’ third quarterback?

Unlike the Tebow-haters, I’m not at all convinced that, with a ton of practice and great coaching, he might not eventually be a pretty good NFL quarterback. Who’d be more perfect than Manning to teach him? The Broncos would have had to bring in a No. 2 QB because there’s no way Tebow could run Manning’s offense today, but they had to do that anyway. And with some success as one of Manning’s special weapons, while learning from the best and playing Robin to Manning’s Batman, the reasonable portion of Tebow’s worshippers would have figured it out and stayed in Bronco blue and orange, eventually embracing all three — Tebow, Manning and Elway — as their holy trinity. Instead, Elway is now Gordon Gekko, Manning is the school bully whom Tebowites will love to hate and the loons are turning up everywhere.

Finally, what the hell were Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum thinking? According to Rex, one of the main reasons his Jets were the biggest disappointment in the AFC last year was he misread his locker room, which for the better part of the season resembled Jack Nicholson’s hospital ward in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (produced, by the way, by Gordon Gekko — I mean Michael Douglas). So how does Ryan fix it? Let’s see now: Mark Sanchez, Santonio Holmes, Tim Tebow, Antonio Cromartie and maybe a little Bart Scott — that sounds like a recipe for Dream Bars, doesn’t it?

But Rex and Mike don’t care about the gruel they’re whipping up, because they want to play a little “Wildcat,” right? Forget that the rest of the league has already moved on because the “Wildcat” doesn’t work in the NFL when you know it’s coming, something teams will probably figure out when they see Tebow coming off the sideline, don’t you think? How about your new No. 2 QB, Drew Stanton, getting so angry you had to deal him, and now Tebow is your guy to run the regular offense if Sanchez gets nicked or, worse yet, continues to struggle with Tebow looking over his shoulder? The reason Tebow is no longer a Bronco isn’t because Elway just had to have Manning; it’s because Tebow has already proved he can’t run an NFL-style passing game. If Tebow is asked or forced to play and the Jets don’t completely retool their offense into some kind of spread option, which, like the Broncos, they don’t really have the personnel to run, the Jets’ fans and New York media will eat him alive.

I don’t care what you think of Tim Tebow. He clearly deserved a hell of a lot better than this, and getting Ryan and Tannenbaum fired isn’t going to make him feel any better!