Fantasy spin: Brandon Marshall

Posted March 14, 2012 @ 2:48 a.m.
Posted By William Del Pilar

Brandon Marshall is an elite receiver and can post No. 1 fantasy numbers without an elite QB. In two seasons as a Dolphin he posted 167-2,228-9 on 288 targets in 30 games. That's an average of 5.6 catches for 77.3 yards and 0.3 TDs per game on 9.6 targets.

Although he did not have many TDs, in PPR (point-per-reception) leagues he was a clear No. 1 fantasy wideout. The trade reunites him with QB Jay Cutler, whom he played with in Denver. Considering the following results in previous play with Cutler, a return to elite status is not unrealistic.

Cutler never hesitated to look his way, even in tight coverage, and this is the big-play receiver that new offensive coordinator Mike Tice wanted. There's no doubt new GM Phil Emery has quickly endeared himself to both the fans and Cutler with this move. It also saves on the salary cap and allows the Bears to continue spending in free agency.

Marshall was involved in a nightclub incident where a woman is pressing charges accusing him of allegedly striking her. Marshall's attorney, Harvey Steinberg denies the charges and states Marshall's wife was struck in the face with a bottle. Regardless, this is another black eye on Marshall, especially with the news coming hours after the trade. Keep an eye out on this because if true, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell could fine or suspend him under the personal-conduct policy which would lower his fantasy value. 

Marshall may be overvalued entering 2012, but there's no doubt he's now a No. 1 fantasy receiver, with the potential to get closer to elite status. But the chances of another 100-reception season are not high. He's only been in the league six years and, at age 28, is still in his prime and has been injury-free most of his career, missing only five games in six seasons.

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